New psu - missing connector.


I just got a new EZ Cool 400w psu to replace an old one that kept killing my PC (P4 1.6g, 1g sdram, 1x40gig and 1x 80gig HDDs, not much else in the way of specs). The old one was a Codegen 400x.

I'm not in the market for amazing PSUs at the moment, just one to get me through until I can afford a new PC, which is why I went for a cheap option.

Anyway, the new psu has the connectors for drives etc, but has one less connection to the moboard than the old one did. Obviously it has the main (20 pin, in this case) connector, but the old one had a 6 pin connector also that sat next to the 20 pin one on the moboard that was, apparently, for auxilliary power.

The PC is working fine and dandy without this connector, but will it continue to do so, does anyone know, and is an auxilliary power connector recommended?
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  1. You didn't mention what mobo you have, so none of this is for certain...

    Its probably fine.

  2. D'oh!


    It's a Jetway i845. Pretty old, but has done ok so far.

    Also, any tips on where to get a bios update (Award 6.00) for this board would be most appreciated, as, try as I might, I can't find one I'd trust to flash mine with anywhere on this here t'interweb.


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