Anyone here ever done the eVGA step-up program?

I'm going to upgrade my 6800GS to a 7900GT and will now wait impatiently to see when eVGA will have one for me... My question is: If you have done this, how long were you without a GFA while waiting to receive your upgrade card? Any comments about the process?
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  1. Taking all things into consideration the process is pretty smooth. I hate waiting, but it only took me a few days to get my new cards after shipping them my old ones. But then again I live in Ca near their distro center. On the plus side, they send them next day air which is nice, however, they also used UPS which I personally don't like. I shipped my cards to them on Friday using FedEx garanteed overnight. They got them monday and shipped my cards back out to me really late Tuesday night (think like 7-8 pm time frame).

    So all things considered it is a decent turnover rate, but waiting is still a B!@#h though. :D

    Hope this helps.
  2. waiting... is the biggest pain , you can check to see what # you are in the step up que. I was 154, 3 weeks ago and I am only #118 &119 right now :( might take another month or so for them to have product. but LAN is right the turn around is fast, same with most RMA's as soon as they get yours they ship it that day usually.
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