Opteron 165 vs AMD fx 4200 More Bang for the buck.

This may sound like a noobie questions so I apologize Im building a comp that i want to last 3 years... i had a amd 1800xp for almost 4-5 years and now its time to upgrade. I only use my comp for movies, downloading, Warcraft3 frozen throne and a little CS.

My decision has come down to either of these two CPU's whatever u guys suggest I will follow. Back then it was os much easier amd xp or Pentium 3. Now I just have no clue!

I also plan on getting two monitors for this new computer.. cause to be honest it just looks so cool!

If I were to get either chip what would be the best mother board. I am willing to spend 500-700 on the chip anbd motherboard and remember the cheaper the better!

thanks guys

P.S if you think there are some other chips i should consider please tell me!
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  1. RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And go get the opty!!!!!!!! 326$
  2. i will also vote for the opteron 165, it's just so much with it's potential of oc. i'm getting it with DFI ultra-D for my next setup.
    i want to get 2.8ghz on air. lol.
  3. the athlon 64s get a bigger bump in perf w/ the 200mhz clock jumps than the extra cache, but both are rockin procs. If you plan on oc'ing alot then go w/ the opty as it will handle heat better and prb get to higher speeds than the reg. x2.

    get either a high-end DFI or ASUS mobo. Personally I prefer the asus' passive chipset cooling w/ heatpipes to the DFI fans. Most ppl on the forums here like the DFI's oc'ing ability over the asus but I have yet to have an issue w/ asus and so am biased towards them for their quality. Spend at least $150 (us) on the mobo to get the higher end performance if you want it to last that long. Once at that bracket only decide if you want the high-end (32x) sli mobo or "lower"-high-end (16x) sli mobo.
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