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After reading messages from other individuals from time to time, I have become curious as to what the “experts” on this forum may have to say about my CPU temperatures. My PC is used for normal everyday Microsoft Office work, photo editing and storage, Internet, etc. The PC is NOT used for any type gaming and is never over clocked! I have never experienced any problems of any sort from the unit!

The system was purchased new “off the shelf” during the Christmas holidays:
Sony Vaio – 2.8 GHz Pentium D 820
800 MHz FSB
1 GB PC2-4200 533MHz DDR2 memory
250 GB 7200rpm SATA hard drive
160 GB 7200rpm SATA secondary drive (added after purchase)
Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 950 (currently disabled)
Asus Extreme AX300SE/TD/128M (added after purchase primarily to free up system resources)
Antec True Power II 480 watt PSU (added after purchase)
DVD-ROM drive
DVD+R Double Layer/DVD+/-RW drive

Current temperature readings:
CPU = ~51C MOBO = ~43C Chassis = ~42C HSF (120mm) = ~1731 RPM

CPU = ~53C MOBO = ~43C Chassis = ~43C HSF (120mm) = ~1736 RPM

CPU = ~59C MOBO = ~43C Chassis = ~42C HSF 9120mm) = ~3824 RPM

The rear 120mm chassis fan seems to always run somewhere between 1205 and 1280 RPM

I do realize the Pentium D 820 chips supposedly run hotter than others. Are the temps I listed above too hot or is this completely acceptable for my setup?

I am not necessarily searching for something else to add to the PC such as another HS and fan. But, I am more than willing take the plunge, if it is obvious the consensus feels it’s important that I do so. It’s just that I have always heard heat is a PC’s #1 enemy ……….. maybe not these chips however???? So as not to waste time, effort or money, what is your experienced opinion?

Thanks in advance for your input!

I hope you will be able to view this image. It is photo of my fan configuration. The 3 fans are so close to each other, I sometimes wonder if they are pulling against each other????

Fan Config

Closer View
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  1. Looks a little tight in the pictures. Temps sounds fine to me.

    There's an old saying that goes : "If it ain't broke, don't fix it!"
  2. Well, for one thing, the temps really aren't that bad. That's normal so to speak. The other thing I noticed is, that case has no airflow from what I see. There's cables, HDDs in the way and it's cramped as hell in there. One thing you can do is replace the stock HSF with a quality aftermarket unit and, that will help airflow and bring all temps down.

    I recommend zalman units as, I've had good luck with them and they work well.

    Otherwise, live with it as it is and make sure you keep all dust out of that thing. It's pretty much starving for air as it is and you certainly don't want dust in there. That's just my spin on it. Good luck with it.
  3. Thats perfectly fine for what your doing. The temps are fine. You said you bought that off the shelf with 1GB of RAM? Thats not too common. Otherwise, your good. If it ever edges close to the close to the high 60's you should consider aftermarket cooling. Yes I would have to agree, if there isn't a problem, don't go poking around. But if you really want to do something, you could ziptie all cords possible together. I don't see any problems otherwise.
  4. Traditional wisdom says stay below ~70C on the CPU. I don't really know how heat directly affects chip life, but if you're worried about it, like Luminaris, anything from Zalman will drop that temp way down. The CNPS9500 is a very good design if that's something you're interested in. I don't typically like the traditional-style HSF's for the same reason you're talking about, 3-4 fans trying to pull air from the same 6" cube of air in 3 different directions. Designs like Zalman's CNPS9500 (thermaltake has a similar one) should quiet it down a bit.
  5. I pretty much agree with Luminaris... airflow is looking abit abrupt.

    That is, if this is the case I'm looking at:

    8O . o O (Hears the P-D scream, LET ME OUTTA HERE!!)

    :oops: J/K!!!!
  6. Hahahham Lol :lol:
    If a Pentium 955 EE(Extreme poopyourpantsandhavetochangeyouradultdepends Edition) Farted it would smell for months and years in that case, lol if a FX-64 and a Conroe 26666.66666X10^15 GHZ speed Conroe came along, they would still smell its stinky Farts from the lack of ECC RAMS
  7. Well, that's bigger than the case that my girlfriend's parents have for their Pentium D 820. Theirs is the Dell OptiPlex GX620 in the small-form-factor case. When it is on for more than 20 minutes, the 80mm case fan starts to do its best impression of a single turbofan jet engine trying to push an overloaded 747 against a 50-knot headwind. I don't even want to know what temp it is running at.

    And I should have my brother read this thread. He *still* makes fun of me for having a "huge honking computer case" (it's a regular mid-tower ATX) instead of a tiny SFF one because I wanted to keep my machine quiet and have room to work around in. I told him that the next one I build will be a small-form-factor case with a Pentium D 840 (or another very hot-running chip) and I'll put it on the nightstand next to his bed and he can sleep with a 60dB fan in his ears at 2:37 am. He obviously was not impressed because he didn't have a clue as to what a Pentium D was, but "it's better than whatever built-in-a-barn chip you got as nobody besides Linux nerds uses them. Everybody else uses Intels as they are bigger and buys a computer instead of making it themselves. Nerds..."

    How should I, er, educate him?
  8. its good for an off the shelf comp

    those pentium D's run Hott

    after market cooler is the best way to go

    -but IMO i wouldnt worry
  9. While your temps are nowhere near critical, try and reduce them if possible with the previously mentioned suggestions. If I may suggest one possible upgrade, it is to see if with a BIOS flash you could switch to a PD 940 after the prices drop. That should lower your CPU temps due to the 65nm process and perhaps even lower when coupled with Arctic silver 5 thermal paste and a Zalman HSF. Of course, the 3.2Ghz speed should be a big improvement over your current 2.8Ghz. Just a thought. :wink:
  10. Quote:
    How should I, er, educate him?

    kick him in the face. at least it works with my dumb a$$ brothers. :twisted:
  11. Hee hee hee. I did that once on accident when I was 5 and it broke one of his teeth out. My parents WERE NOT HAPPY. Neither was he for some odd reason.

    But seriously, how do you teach somebody who simply gets in the routine of clicking the close buttons on all the nagware/adware popups because it would be "geeky" to hunt down their executables to "uninstall" them and then make sure to turn crap off with msconfig?
  12. that, my friend, is the question. i do not know. i think there should be a course or something that we can enroll people in that shows them it is not "geeky, nerdy, or uncool" to actually know about computers. some people REALLY need to take that course.
  13. Yea, those retards dont know Sh!t about anything, the kids on my JV basball team are calling me a nerd and geek cus i build computers, o and the call me retarded when i am acctually smarter than them all and more phisically fit. not some scrony piece of Sh!t. they're like..."ahh i like to build computers"... in the nerdiest voice, and yes they are the stupid ones, i am Sh!tting you not,
    F U C KING dumb asses with their 2.8 GPAs i laugh in their faces, they are the retarded ones. and will end up going to a community college.... RETARDS
  14. Im running a similar system homebuilt. I have a 120mm fan in the PSU, an 80mm in the blowhole, another 80mm on the side, one on top of the CPU (duh), and a 60mm from my old PIII bluetacked on top of my hard disk to give a bit of airflow across it.

    Anyways, under load (NFSU2 for about 3 hours), the thermal probe on the CPU heatsing - on the side fins - records about 43 degress celsius, when the weatherman says its 32 degress celcius outside. at idle, the same probe picks up anywhere from 36~40 degrees - 36 was the temp yesterday at boot, was a lot cooler.

    Anyways, youve reassured me, I was concerned mine was running hot. Stick in some more fans, or if you wanna get really funky, a watercooling kit - which are quite inexpensive, and easy to set up at the low end, which are just designed to give quiter better cooling, not let you overclock the sucker to 5ghz. :p
  15. Thanks everyone!

    I really appreciate each of you taking the time to respond to my post. It does appear I am well within the heat tolerance range of the CPU.
    The case I have is almost identical to the one shown in the above post.

    At some point, I may try one of the zalman units, if I get too bored!

    Another question: Is the zalman unit simply a replacement fan for my HS or is it a new heat sink and fan? Also, does the MOBO need to be removed to replace a HS? I'm not sure if one would need access to the rear of the MOBO or not????

    Thanks again!
  16. Quote:

    Another question: Is the zalman unit simply a replacement fan for my HS or is it a new heat sink and fan? Also, does the MOBO need to be removed to replace a HS? I'm not sure if one would need access to the rear of the MOBO or not????

    It is a replacement HSF. So its going to have a fan. Example Zalman 7000 (92mm fan) Zalman 7700 (120mm fan) Zalman 9500 (92mm fan)

    Depending on the zalman you may get, chances are you won't see lower idle temps, but it may help absorb more heat then the stock HSF, when the CPU is at 100 percent usage.

    The reason why I say that is airflow will hinder its cooling.

    **EDIT: on a side note, may want to consider how much room you have to work with, if you get a zalman.. they are HUGE :wink:

    Pic on the 7700 - 2 rear fans are 80mm - 7700 are 120mm

    **EDIT: Just realized about the 820 is 775 socket... yes you will need to be able to get behind the motherboard. It will be a pain to take apart.

    You can find installation instructions here:

    Zalman HSF
  17. Thanks Grimmy!

    OK, I think you said the magic word - "pain". After stating I may not see much lower temperatures by replacing the HSF and it would be a pain to replace, I have definitely come to the conclusion the current standard model will suffice for me. In other words, I will have to get pretty darn bored before taking on this task!

    However, based on a few other post, it may be to my advantage to try and improve the airflow through the case. Any suggestions on how to do this without increasing the noise level? Can the rear mounted fan be replaced with a unit that moves more air quietly?

    And as a side note: As mentioned in my original post, the rear fan almost always operates between 1205 and 1280 RPM. I am assuming it is controlled by the MOBO. Since this is the normal speed range, the system must be satisfied with the case temp OR it would increase at times - correct??

    Thanks again!
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