smoking GT6600, literally!

I've got a week old system, and it looks like the mobo has died (Asus A8N32 deluxe). When it tried to reboot, smoke came out of the underside of the Asus N6600GT Silencer GFX card. Is it likely this GFX card is going to be useless now? I shut the PC off as soon as i saw the smoke, so it was only about 3-4 seconds of actual smoke. I can't see any noticeable damage either.

The PSU is 450w Q tech.

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  1. wow, you just made nvidia toast.

    seriously tho, if you saw smoke coming out of the video card thats like the worst sign when working with electronics. i would highly doubt it would even be able to power on, but hey you might have gotten lucky and just burned off some dust.

    might want to examine the wiring in your case for anythng else that "might smoke" lol.
  2. yeah and you might wanna make sure that it isn't damaged, or try and send it back under warranty/RMA. Weird thing is, I just had a FX5500 die on me last week. :( I wonder if this is Nvidia bad luck month or what :roll:
  3. Most people don't know that electronic parts run on smoke.
    It's true!


    Because once you let the smoke out, they don't work any longer!

    *cymbal crash*
  4. .... take a bow
  5. rofl, thanks for making my day
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