Which Version of Windows 7 should I get?

I am wondering which version of windows 7 should I get?

I strictly game and do normal everyday things like browse the net and what not. I do some music and video editing, but for the most part just your average activities.
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  1. Well, The less pricey edition like the Professional one is more than enough for your
    music and video editing needs, also for your gaming and other usual things.
  2. what about the home premium is that a good option too
  3. Home Premium will do. There's really no need for a user like you and I (I use my pc for games mostly) to go higher than that.
  4. awesome thank you for the quick replies everyone
  5. I have Windows 7 home Premium in ISO file. Is that all right if I buy only the key? It's cheaper on some internet stores than directly from Microsoft
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