Is it possible to add a video card to a laptop?

I just got a laptop a few days ago, I wasnt thinking about using it to play games at all, even If I wanted to they didnt have the option to add a video card.
I was wondering if its possible to buy a card and add it in there, here are my specs

Dell Inspiron B130, Pentium M 1.7ghz, 1GB DDR2, DVDRW, 40GB Integrated Intel® Media Accelerator 900 Graphics (I guess this is what I got for graphics)

Im not going to be playing anything really heavy but it would be nice to be able to.

I bought this whole system for $699.00 brand new from Dell so I couldnt pass it.

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  1. On some it is, but sorry dude, not yours.
  2. so How crappy is my video card? like really really crappy?
  3. Kinda crappy.

    Takes some tweaks to play the best games.

    Simply put type GMA900 into google and check out some reviews. Type in GMA950 to see what replaced it and some more current games.
    Extremtech has done a review of both.

    Simply put, low frame rates turn everything down and you might get 10-15 fps at 640x480 in modern 3D games.

    I did see someone get Oblivion working on a GMA 950 over at though;

    And that chip isn't even supported, but thanks to some shader replacement mods it works, but still poorly.
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