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OK, I know this is the wrong forum, but I did not get any responses on the software forum. I know this forum is pretty active so here goes.

Just built my first PC, all is working well except CD and DVD burner. My DVD/CD burner came with Nero 6 suite which includes INCD. Here is the deal. I can burn, format, read, and drag-n-drop all I want on DVD's.

However nothing but problems with CD's. One time I may click on a CD, five minutes later I will see files, but cannot open any. Next time I click, 5 minuts later I get a pop-up window "disk cannot be read". Or click and the hour glass never goes away, and I cannot turn off the puter other than the switch. ARG

I went to Nero's web site, and it appears they know of a problem. I wrote to tech lack of support with no response. I followed all the patch info they give on the site with no change in operation.

Now for the questions. Anyone know of a fix?
Is there better more stable software like Direct CD?
Opinions, answers, and thoughts please.
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  1. Well I've never had a problem with nero on my computer, it seems to work fine with both cds and dvds. Then again, I have Nero 7 Premium, not Nero 6. I'm not sure what you could do or what software you could use. I haven't really tried anything else, it came with my computer and it seems to work fine. Maybe try the support again and possibly see if they have a forum that could help. Sorry i can't be of more help though.
  2. I didn't think Nero 6 was that great, 5.5 and 7 have been much better. DirectCD always used to work fine for me, never used INCD but apparently it's not that good. Try DirectCD, I'm sure theres a trial version somewhere.
  3. I have Nero 7.... I think... and I don't have any problems... I also have a NEC ND4550A... an excellent DVD-RW drive... Try Alcohol 120%, or some other burner software... and then see if it works....
  4. Quote:
    What is your DVD burner?

    Flash you drive to the latest firmware.

    I have a HP dvd740
  5. Quote:
    What is your DVD burner?

    Flash you drive to the latest firmware.

    I have a HP dvd740

    Now, what you wanna do is, look for an updated firmware for that burner. I believe you may be experiencing trouble is because, the firmware currently in your burner, may not support those disks your trying to use. Sometimes you have to update the firmware in all burners to support certain types or brands of disks.

    Try updating it and see if it works.
  6. Here you might want to try this software I have been using it for about month and have had no problems with it and its free. The only thing it doesn't do yet is write Dual Layer DVD's thats coming in the next version it sounds like. I was having problems with Nero 6 where it wouldn't recognize my Sony DRU-700, thats when I moved on.

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