Lian-Li PC75B case -- please help me!

It's been a long time since I've had my case now, and from changing motherboards out so much through the years I think my clip-through motherboard standoffs have finally started to loosen up. They're shorting out my PCB..

I'm trying to find clip-through standoffs off the internet, but I can't seem to find them anywhere! Is there any alternative ? I tried using plastic spacers, but they didn't elevate my motherboard enough to line up with the grill in the back.

Feedback is very appreciated!
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  1. Drop by any local PC shop, most will just give you several for free.
  2. No they do come in differnt hights and sizes! just go to a hardware store and you will see like >10 differnt types. If you dont get all of them to be reasonably similar in hight it may bend your MB when you scew it down into the case as in one corner of the MB is higer than the other corner etc etc. But im pretty sure any pc shop will just give them to you for free or at a very very small cost.
  3. Quote:
    Drop by any local PC shop, most will just give you several for free.

    most ppl dont have a local PC shop, like my town we got best buy, circuit city. thats it, computer rennicance but they are lame they sell u used stuff thats crappy.
  4. Do a search on Lian Li. Lots of sellers also stock Lian Li parts & accessories. comes to mind. SilverPC is another. There are many more.
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