Help ! IDE harddisk cannot be connected on Intel D945GNT ?

Dear all, I had bought a Pentium D 930 CPU + Intel Desktop Board D945GNT yesterday.

I realised that there was only one IDE socket on the board which forced me to scarify one harddisk (originally I had TWO 80G Harddisks and ONE 16X DVD-RW drive) and only connected the one 80G Harddisk & the DVD-RW drive.

I found that the Harddisk and DVD-RW drive were detected in the BIOS, but the WINDOWS XP installed on that Harddisk was never started. It keeps showing a blue screen with large amount of TEXTs (but it was disappeared too fast that I couldn't read it), then it re-starts. I tried using SAFE mode to start but the result was the same.

Please, do you think its the problem of the HARDDISK on the NEW motherboard?
Or its the problem of the connection? (but I could found the Harddisk in BIOS)
If not, what is the problem of my computer?

I've found in this forum that people had bought a SATA harddisk and installed with new OS (say Windows XP). And now, I would like to buy a Serial ATA harddisk as it was not using IDE and the motherboard can supports up to 4 ATA devices.

Do you have any advice for me?
Do I have to dis-connect the IDE harddisk before installing the NEW OS? And, after I re-installed the OS (successfully, I hope), can I transfer the file from the OLD IDE harddisk to the NEW SATA harddisk?

I am sorry for such a long message and thank you for your help. Thank you very much !
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  1. It sounds like your XP installation has somehow got corrupted, or XP does not like some of your hardware.

    - I would disconnect the old disk
    - Buy a SATA disk (much faster) and install XP (make sure you have XP SP1 as it supports SATA)
    - Connect old disk You may be able to recover files from the old disk once you have a working copy of XP.
    - If old disk is stuffed then reformat it and use to store backup data

    Good Luck !
  2. If I understand things correctly here, you got a new motherboard. and installed an OLD HD, and then tried to boot?

    if so, read on, if not ignore..

    A New motherboard needs a new install of windows. seeing as you have 2 drives, put them back into your old motherboard and copy any data you want to save off the HD with windows installed on it.

    Hook the drive back up in your new motherboard, and re-load windows using the install CD. Then go find an addon IDE controller card so you can install your 2nd HD and your good to go.

    Another option is to get a motherboard that has the normal 2 IDE plugs on it so you can hook up 4 drives like you are used to.
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