Built New Computer having power problems

I can't seem to get my new computer running. Before I go into the problem here are the parts and the way its set up:

PSU - Antec Neo He 430 watt
CPU - Athlon X-2 3800
MB - Gigabyte GA-K8N-SLI
GPU - Evga Nvidia 6800GS 256mb
Memory - Corsair XMS 3200 2gb (2x1 gig, Duel channel)

Once I hooked everything up I hit the power button and the fans turn on the instantly shut off. Can't seem to keep the system up and running. Once I realized I was having a problem I unpluged all things not important to booting up. I unpluged cd rom drive, front usb cables from motherboard, took out the graphics cards and tried to boot it up. Again it turns on for a sec and shuts off. Since I can't get it to stay on I find that there is no point in running the graphics card till I figure this out.

Ok, after all that I took out one memory chip and tried to boot... No progress. Then I switched the chips and still nothing. I then took off the heatsink fan and checked to see that it was fitted on correctly (it was).

When I first came up with this problem my first thought was the Power supply but its 2 am in the morning and I can't go get a new one to test that out. So if anyone feels that they are able to help and are willing please do. I'm open for anything you all have to say. If you feel that its the PSU then let me know that would make me feel better knowing that thats the only problem but if not I would like to know what else can cause this.

Thanks :)
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  1. Alright I just found out this is in the wrong forums. Sorry guys :(
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