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I know I will probably get torn apart for asking this but I just dont know and dont want to risk it. Does overclocking a opty 165 void your warrenty?
Thanks for the help and everyone be nice lol
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  1. Can someone answer me? PLZ
  2. Hehehe the answer is YES!! Overclocking will certainly void your warranty.
    If you plan on overclocking it, do it smart, use baby steps, 3mhz (max) at a time, and repeat, If you get to greedy and fry the cpu, definetly voids your warranty, but i quess that a risk all overclockers are willing to take, like I said overclock smart. It only voids it if you get caught. say u damaged it, resore the cpu to normal clock settings and return it :D
    My neighbor did that and all was good.
    keep us posted
    -Good Luck- :wink:
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