Geforce Go 6800 VS. ATI x1400?

I am getting anew laptop and have to choose between these 2 cards.. the 256MB Version of the 6800 and the 512MB version of the X1400.. though i believe half of that is shared with your system ram. I couldnt really find any benchmarks that related to eachother.... anyone?
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  1. I've never heard of a x1400. Where are you buying your laptop?
  2. from futureshop in canada...
  3. Personaly I would go with the 6800 Go though I will admit to knowing nothign about the X1400. What I can say is the 6800 Go is a Desktop 6800 shrunk down to fit in a laptop conifguration. It should have 12 pixel pipes running at an insane Mhz (at least the Go ultra was :P). It should handle most modern games at deceent resolutions depending on eye candy level.

    The X1400 is news to me, I've never heard of a laptop or desktop variation. I've only heard X1300,X1600,X1600,X1700,X1800,X1900 with the respective derivatives of each. I'd be a bit catious about buying a card I've never heard of.

    If you want benchies on a 6800 Go, search THG for the first iteration of a Dell XPS laptop. It may have more CPU horsepower than the CPU your getting but it should give you a ball park.
  4. The X1400 is a slightly overclocked X1300, it's not a great gaming card. It's been out for a long while, and I'm not surprised the others haven't heard of it as it's a mobile part, and they usually think in terms of desktop gaming cards.

    For games the GF6800 will spank the X1400 which performs worse than my Mobility Radeon X700.

    However for 2D and Video acceleration and clean-up (when watching HD DIVX/WMV & DVDs) I'd go with the X1400.

    There are X1600s out there that close the gap a little more, but they are usually a little expensive.

    I was in FutureShop on Sunday, check out the Toshiba DUO core with the X1600. Are you looking at the Gateway? It's one of the few I saw with the X1400. I'm waiting for Gateway to make my 850 with the X1700 and a 64bit dual core. 8)

    What's your budget btw?

    There are also GF7 series chips out now like the GF7300GO and GF7600GO that would likely also be in your range.
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