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Just a brief update: Early Wednesday (around 8am EST) we will be releasing an updated version of our CPU Charts, which will not only add two new processors (Pentium EE 965, Athlon64 FX-60), but there's also a new feature, which allows you to figure out which CPU offers the best value - depending on current etail pricing.

We think that this feature will bring much more value to our CPU Charts, but maybe that's just us. What do you guys think? What features would you like to see in the future?

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  1. I really think your chart should have included the Intel 805. It's the cheapest dual core on the market and definetly the best bang for your dollar in the dual core market for budget builders.
  2. Sounds very interesting, can't wait to see it!
  3. I don't know why they aren't there but I would LOVE to see Opteron and other workstation processors included. :(

    If availability of the processors is an issue, I would volunteer my workstation (2 X Opteron 275) to do any of the test that are required. :D

  4. Great additions there! Keep it up(dated)!

    That is a very usefull chart and is traveled to frequently. Thanks.
  5. Yes... the CPU charts are a valuable tool around here. Thanks!
  6. not to be too nit picky, but with 1600x1200 res the amd numbers on the bar graph are a strain to read, maybe make the amd numbers on the chart black instead of white. And maybe add F.E.A.R or another high demand game like Doom 3 is to the benchmarks, Wildenstein is not much of a challenge for the high end cpus

    Overall though I love it, especially the price/performance, because that’s what I use to quickly narrow down the field of products. Extremely helpful, thanks for putting it up
  7. Where are the opteron CPUs in this lineup?

    found it kinda strange i could pick opteron prices from the ads on the right, but no performance numbers from your CPU charts...
  8. I like the new charts, especially the new bang/buck feature. The one criticism I have is that the budget AMD CPUs (Sempron) are listed while the budget Intel models (Celeron) are not. I realize that the celeron is hardly a performance competitor and it may not even be a performance/dollar competitor, but it sure would be nice to have numbers showing that rather than assumptions. Besides, its not like you guys have lots of other CPUs in the charts, or anything;) Overall, still a wonderful feature of THG, nonetheless.
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