OverClocking gave me less FPS in Oblivion ???

Hey all, I own an EVGA GeForce 6800 AGP 128MB.

I have slightly overclocked my GeForce from 325/700 to 335/770 and every thing works stable.

But the funny thing is that when playing Oblivion(the elder scrolls) I get actualy less fps when the card is overclocked 8O . For example at the same scene when when I'm standing still in the forrest I get 15fps with the overclocked settings
but when I restore my clock speeds to defult 325/700 I get at the same scene 18 fps. And this applies to other clock speeds I"ve tried.

Is there some GPU to Memory ratio that I dont knwo about that i need to maintain ?

My rig:
AMD 3000 64bit socket 754
Asus A8N (Nforce 3)
2x512MB (2.5cas) Corsair Value Series
EVGA GeForce6800 AGP 128MB
SB LIVE! Value
80GB WD 7200 SATA
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  1. I've seen several people suggest that many modern cards will throttle back if they overheat (like P4 chips do), so you might be suffering from that.

    Also, I believe Oblivion's outdoor environments are, to a certain extent, randomly generated, so your comparison might not be valid....
  2. I"ve checked the heat and it was only 2c degrees more.
    I've also checked the fps closed places like house and a dungen and still the same story :/

    I think my GPU is a bad overclocker.
  3. I didn't honestly think it would be a heat issue, for a mere 10Mhz.....

    You could try doing memory and core separately, to see if it's one or the other that's a problem.

    Can't think of much else to suggest, I'm afraid... :?
  4. I have a 6800GT and had a similar problem on my NF3 board (a Gigabyte). The thing that worked for me was turning AGP fast-writes off and turning AGP to 4x. I didn't notice any other problems when I did this, and performance has not decreased.
  5. hmmm, Well I dont think I'll turn down to x4 on the AGP :/

    Well I reduced the Res to 640x480 and i get 30FPS on high details out side :D
  6. Check the prerendering. I've heard you can get a good framerate boost from turning that to 0.

    Are you doing this at the driver level? Perhaps if you're using a program it's hitting your CPU performance?

    From what i've heard about the settings on Oblivion, turning down the grass settings can have a HUGE impact.
  7. it could be the heat...but also check whether your oc didn`t influenced other parameters in sistem......agp speed, agp bus, etc.....

    it could also be the psu ...when oc-ed the video consumes more power and could bottleneck the cpu..it`s crazy enough but you should also consider that ...try the bios health...keep an eye on voltages
  8. check this out ..another ideea .. you said your temperature is 2 degrees higher ......but what temperature? gpu`s?...can you monitor the video ram temperature.....it could be your memory that overheats when you clock it higher.......

    so try to overclock the gpu only and leave the memory for the moment and see what happens..........
    good luck
  9. I tried that, I overclocked the GPU first by 10Mhz and it did the same (give me less fps) and the heat was almost the same.

    I got a TermalTek 420WATT I think its enough
  10. your psu should be enough.........odd
    ..does your card has it`s own power connector or it draws power from your motherboard?
  11. It has a power connector from the PSU
  12. try another game see what happens.........
  13. I'll try that but I really dont need more speed for anything other than Oblivion :/
  14. aha.....will try that too ..see what happens...if there is no hardware explanation....there must be software.....try to update the drivers..... :wink:
  15. Oblivion is apparantly very sensitive to overclocking :? read many people having issues with oblivion when overclocking.
  16. try to research on this site

    others might experiencing what ur problem regarding oblivion.
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