ASUS 7900GT and the review

i would like to buy a new computer.the graphic card must be a 7900GT.

i live in Belgium.and it's better to buy the pc parts from Belgium(garanty, problems...).i found this grforce 7900Gt from ASUS:

i think that it's a great graphic card.

here is the review:
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  1. i'm looking for a motherboard.after then, i'll make think about HDD and Memory(1GB).
  2. What parts do you have already? can you re-use a monitor? Case? Sound card? Modem? Floppy/Optical drive?

    Are you willing to overclock?

    Is SLI something you want to consider?

    Will this be a gaming box, or do you do other things with it?
  3. Grapic Card : GeForce 6800 Ultra 256mb

    Processor : AMD Athlon 64 3700+ San Diego socket 939

    Motherboard : Asus A8N5X or A8N-SLI

    DVD+-RW : Asus 16x DVD+-R Burner with 5X DVD-RAM, model DRW1608P2S BLACK

    Memory :

    I don't have any idea about the monitor and case but the case that i'm looking for looks like >>>>

    The monitor can be a CRT or LCD.But i'll play with it.
  4. Quote:
    6800Ultra sucks at $259. You can get a better X850XT for about $160, or a 7900GT for about $300. I wouldn't go for the 6800Ultra.

    i've decided 6800 Ulta because:
  5. 1. I see no reason why the 6800 Ultra is a better card - then benchmarks show no benefit.

    2. These benchies are based on an old driver revision. You would not believe the difference a driver or BIOS update can have on the performance of a card. Not to mention that numerous patches have been released for the game(s). The 7800 GTX could have infinitely better performance, not to mention SLI could have a bigger performance gain.

    3. You'd be better off buying a 7-series card - the 6-series is old technology.
  6. You can get the 7900 GT for $309 (the cheapest ive seen) at
  7. Quote:

    ive decided 6800 Ulta because:
    The 6800 Ultra was good in it's day, but it's day has long passed. Go for an X1800 XT or 7900GT.
  8. yeah, dont waste your time with the Utra, didnt hear too many good things about it
  9. the 6 series is out of mode... far better off with a 7900GT or an equivalent ATI ;) :P
  10. You should get the 6800 GS 256mb its less than $200 at newegg
  11. -K- If you are going to the 7900gt for $309?? U is krazy 8O
    Get the x1800xt 512mb edition at newegg for $329
    Performance is better, price value is better and Ati is a better card for the price.
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  12. X850 is a great card but lacks sm3.0 :(
    Great agp card for price and performance wise, great is U are running agp, but if U R willing to spend, the best agp card today is probably the EvgA 7900gs sc [super clocked], It has pretty good clock setting and I think it has sm 3.0 Another great card by Nvidia. If Sm3.0 is a must have, stick with the 7800gs oc or the Evga 7800 gs sc.

    You cant make an omlette w/out breaking a few eggs :D
  13. Quote:
    6800Ultra sucks at $259. You can get a better X850XT for about $160, or a 7900GT for about $300. I wouldn't go for the 6800Ultra.

    i've decided 6800 Ulta because:
    First, that's old benchmark.

    Second, 6800Ultra isn't worth $260. You can get a 7800GT for $260. Plus, you can find a X850XT for about $160 on newegg.

    i decided to buy an Pci-en7900gt Top/2dht 256mb Ddr Pci-e Geforce 7900gt.

    What do you thin about it?
  14. Yes. Get that card, you won't regret it.
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