ASUS A8N-SLI Premium: Does it support AMD x2?

After some investigation, I just bought an ASUS A8N-SLI Premium motherboard. To my surprise, even if it is socket 939, it doesn't mention anywhere that it supports dual core athlons. In fact, I've noticed that my box differs from this one : mine doesn't have any refference to x2 (not "AMD dual core cpu support" and not "amd x2" symbol.

I still haven't bought the cpu. I'm confused and I'm starting to worry, does it mean I've bought a version of this motherboard that doesn't support athlon x2? Please help... Thanks.
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  1. just guessing here but you have a early revision of the board with bios 1004 or earlier that dosent support the x2. most x2 require the 1005 bios and up. All you would need to do is flash the motherboard with updated bious to enable x2 support.
  2. Hello Pleo thanks but then... If I buy a dual core amd, I guess the motherboard won't boot up to allow me to update the bios... or might it recognize the dual core as a single core? Anybody knows for sure?
  3. Now that I dont know of for sure. the MB should give you the revision and bios number located near the pci slots. I know ith the past with Intel boards the chip wasnt reconized correctly untill i flashed the board but was still able to flash. I would probably make a call to Asus to be sure before any purchases of a processor. Or unless someone else can help you out being in the same situation before.
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