A few noobish water cooling questions

Ok first of yes I did read the Sticky on water cooling.

I'm wanting to take the plunge to water cooling (in the next few months), and I've got some questions. I will only be cooling my CPU for the time being.

Question 1)

Is there a realy big diffrence in performance between 3/8" id and 1/2" id?
I under stand that the larger the tube the more water I can move, but will it make a huge differnce? I'm curently aiming for mid-range water cooling.

Question 2)

Would a dual 120mm rad be suficent for an Athlon X2 3800+ with a mild OC(stock voltages), or should i go whith a triple 120mm rad? Also what cfm fans should I look for? Noise is an important factor, so a Tornado is out of the question. I'm partial to TT SmartFans becasuse of their thermister, but I'm not sure they would work well with water cooling...

Question 3)

How hard is it to rig up an external radiator box? Yes a vauge question I know.

Ok thanks for you help in advance.
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  1. Hi..

    Lets just say i was kind of in your shoes a few months back..and i took the plunge into watercooling...it was a wise plunge...
    I'll try to help u as better as i can.

    Q1. For mild cooling, the size of the pipes dont really matter. If you have a full tower case..then go for the 1/2" pipes...i have a mid tower...and i had quite a problem getting the pipes in there. so for a mid tower i might suggest the 3/8"

    Q2. yes a dual 120mm Radiator will be suficient for your processor given the mild OC.

    Q3. I have an external radiator , which is mounted at the back of my cpu...its not much of a problem..infact i like it because my case would not fit the radiator inside anyways.

    Just for your help, i am using the Gigabyte 3D Galaxy Watercooling Kit.

    Hope this helps...

  2. Thanks for the information, it should help a great deal.

    the only problem I'm running in to now, is how to build the radiator box, as I have no place on my case(Aspire X-Navigator w/2 rear 80s) to mount the fans. I dont want to put the radiator inside my case as that would be a little bulky.
  3. 1) 3/8 will do fine if you arn't seeking maximum performance

    2) depending on the radiator, a 120x2 would be plenty

    3) the external rad box is pretty easy, i mean... build a box out of any material you like, cut some holes, put your pump, radiator and res in there and voila!

    (yes that is a vauge answer to a vague question =])
  4. The dual rad would be fine, If you are building a box for it, I would go with a bonneville heater core 2 120mm fans fit it and it will be less expensive and give you more performance. I have two thermaltake fans that are rated for 96cfm, I run them at 7 volts though so I dont get that rating, but what I do get is good cfms and a pretty quiet system. I painted the heatercore and it looks nice, and will give better performance than a lot of dual radiators, and it was less then 20bucks. As far as the tubing goes, It makes a little difference but not as much as how things are set up in the loop. Just take your time and make sure to get it right the first time. I like danger den myself. I have a tdx water block that is really nice. and a fill port that makes filling the system a dream. All my stuff is in the case though. Also overclockers.com has a rating for a ton of water blocks, and dangerden has video instructions to help you along.
    Good Luck
  5. you need much more than 96 cfm to make that heatercore perform, at least 100-130 cfm
  6. I have 2 fans rated at 96cfm's each. I am running them at 7 volts. so i am in you range of numbers.
  7. 7 volts is smaller than 12..... so it'll be less than 96 cfm
  8. 96x2=192... (CFM)
    7/12= .58 (or 58% dif in voltage)

    58% x 192= 111 CFM

    looks fine to me, correct me if I am wrong about the drop in voltage doesnt flow linearly with the CFM thou...
  9. i meant per fan, so its 100-130 cfm per 120mm fan
  10. thats bull, my cpu is a 3.0 prescott @ 3.7. Underload it never reaches more than 10degrees over ambient. It is performing fine. The last system I had was a single heatercore the 96cfm fan and cooled both the processor and the video card. So I think this new setup will work just fine. Your basically telling me that I need over 200cubic feet of air a minute to go through the radiator. That is just rediculous. Not only that, but there are only like 5 fans that can even pull air in that range. Most 120mm fans pull 30-60cfms at best.
    Sorry, but I dont buy it.
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