Getting BSOD after putting in new AMD phenom 840

Problem Event Name: BlueScreen
OS Version: 6.1.7600.
Locale ID: 1033

Additional information about the problem:
BCCode: a
BCP2: 0000000000000002
BCP3: 0000000000000001
BCP4: FFFFF800030CAE09
OS Version: 6_1_7600
Service Pack: 0_0
Product: 256_1

Could it be because of the 550 W power supply i have i dont know what it is, please help
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  1. Still no Reply
  2. what did you change? what's the mobo? the bios? The operating system? Did you place the new chip into an old motherboard? Did you change the ram? Any other components? When does it happen?

    You gotta give more info... you can't respond with an answer when the problem is so damn vague.
  3. m3a78-em, 2 Gigs DDR 2 1066 1.8 V, Windows 7, and changed from a 9500 GT to a 450 gts, awhile ago
  4. When does the problem happen? During any certain programs? After a clean boot? After certain driver installs? Have you flashed the BIOS on the mobo? Did you get any errors when switching from the 9500gt>450gts?
  5. This problem happens when i run 3 Daoc Clients
  6. It says it's a driver problem but i upgraded all my drivers just 3 hours ago..
  7. Daoc = Dark age of camelot?

    So it doesn't crash when running 2 clients, but when you start a third it blue screens?
  8. Not automatically but yes
  9. Increased processor core voltage to +150 something seems to be helping so far
  10. Have you checked the temperatures of your rig?

    Run HWmonitor while you're playing 2 clients and see what happens, then run a third and check if the GPU/CPU are close to their thresholds.

    Does it only do that with DAOC? Have you tried other games?

    What is your vcore for the processor? And have you overclocked it at all?
  11. Just overclocked from 3.2 Ghz to 3.6 Ghz I dont play other games
  12. What's the vcore? What does the BIOS say the vcore is?
  13. CPU Vcore is 1.34
  14. Bump it up to 1.4v and clock the CPU back to 3200 and see if the problem persists.

    Keep an eye on your temperatures by running HWmonitor in the background.
  15. Let me restart and check
  16. I dont think i can bump it up anymore
  17. It's at 1.47 Now i can only bump it at increments of +50 is 1.47 bad?

    The CPU-Z reads 1.4v. The chip's voltage threshold should be visible within the BIOS.

    what do you mean increments of +50? .5v? .05v?

    When you put the vcore to auto, what does the BIOS read the vcore as?
  19. Rebooting one second
  20. It's 50 MV, 100 MV, and 150 MV and that's al i can do for increments
  21. and CPU-Z is saying my core voltage is 1.120V
  22. What does your BIOS read your vcore when you set it to auto? That chip doesn't seem like it can sustain a 3600mhz clock speed at 1.34v

    That chip isn't a C3 version, so it draws more power at lower clocks and doesn't handle heat quite as well.

    Through auto, or manually setting the vcore, you need to get it to 1.4v. After you've done that test your rig by running prime95 for a couple of hours and keeping an eye on your temperatures.
  23. You want me to set my VCore to auto then boot into windows?
  24. and Reset it back to 3.2 Ghz?
  25. yes, stock clock 3200mhz. That CPU can't handle overclocks without a voltage bump and it seems you've undervolted it considerably.
  26. CPU Vcore 1.34 Core Voltage 1.360
  27. But with Stock speeds i was getting BSOD's too
  28. Best answer
    Before you put a new CPU into an Old motherboard you should always check BIOS compatibility with your new CPU. Then download and Flash the latest BIOS needed for that new CPU

    Here is the ASUS compatibility list:

    It does NOT yet list the Phenom II 840. But, you could try

    Walk before you run, I'd stop messing with the OC'ing until I had the rig running stable at Stock speeds.....
  29. It doesnt list the AMD phenom II 2 840, but it lists processors that went past it's preceding so i thought that this would work..
  30. It supports the 1090T 6 core processor why wouldnt it support the phenom 840?
  31. Bump up the voltage to 1.4v then run prime95 for a couple of hours and keep your eyes on the temperature.

    If it didn't support the CPU you wouldn't have even booted up into windows. It supports it, which is why i asked if you upgraded your BIOS to the latest revision.
  32. Keep it at 3.2 GHZ?
  33. Cant get it downloaded lol
  34. For the last time... yes. Do not mess with the clock speeds if you don't know how to overclock. Set the vcore to 1.4v manually through the BIOS, set the clock speed to 3.2ghz. Once you've done that, run that programs I linked up there (prime95 and HWmonitor) and leave them running for ~3-4 hours. Do not touch your PC in that time. This will check if the CPU needs more or less voltage and if it's getting too hot.
  35. How the hell do i download that link you gave me ?
  36. That CPU isn't a black edition, meaning the overclock (via FSB) requires tweaking with the RAM timings, the ram voltage, the CPU voltage as well as the north bridge. Basically, leave it alone unless you really know what you're doing.
  37. It was getting to 70 Celsis on top and 38 Celsius on bottom then PC like stopped
  38. Just got blue screen with no daocs open
  39. Keeps on being different codes,
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