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Hello, I have a acer aspire 5920. It's HD crashed. I installed new HD and I wanted to shift to windows 7. I have also installed the Windows 7 . Now I need to install drivers for acer aspire 5920. Like grafics, audio, Internet and VGA (compatible to windows 7). Anyone can give me any idea? Besides,is Acer aspire 4520 graphics window 7 64bits driver will work for acer 5920?
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  1. I assume then that you have taken a look on Acer's support site? If so and there aren't any proper drivers available, you'll have to go with what they do have available.
  2. All the drivers for Vista @

    Use this as a guide to downloading the appropriate Win7 drivers, Windows update will supply a lot of drivers directly.
  3. If you don't have native Win 7 drivers for the laptop from the vendor, you may not get good results. Vista drivers may work, but not always well for laptops.
  4. I imagine if you know how to google, you can get it running. I got an EEEE netbook that does not support beyond xp running Windows 7
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