nzxt lexa case 14 cables not sure where to attach them

I'm building my pc. I have an asus a8n-mv csm mobo. My case is nzxt lexa and has 14 cables not sure where they go. sys,hdd,cpu wires. orange - power sw, blue - reset sw, red - HDD led, white & green - P led and +P led.
audio wire from case are 1 blk - L ret, 2 Blk - ground, orange - mic in, green - L out, red - mic power, yellow - R ret, Blue - R out. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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  1. Don't know the details for that mobo, but generally, the plug arrangements should be buried somewhere in its manual.
  2. I'm assuming you have the A8N-VM CSM motherboard.

    In the manual, Section 14 System panel connector (20-1 pin PANEL) - should be on page 1-30, it details how these should be connected.

    When connecting these, coloured wires generally mean +ve, and white -ve. There are exceptions, but you can't really do any damage by misconnecting, so if a connection doesn't work one way, just try it the other way.

    The audio wires are not required unless you plan to use the front panel audio jacks. If you do wish to connect these, then check Section 11 of the manual (page 1-28 ), but this may be a bit more complex to set up.

    Edit: Removed smiley - should have read 1-28 )
  3. Thank you for your help. I checked the manual and still not sure. I was able to get the one pin p led+ and p led - on. I have a two pin reset, does that go sideways one for reset and the other is the ground? I have a hdd led and see the ide led spot but my hd will be on the sata connection not the ide. does that make a difference?
  4. Ok, the connector headers on the motherboard is a block of 20 pins consisting of 2 rows of 10 pins. This panel is located right in the corner of the motherboard close to the 4 SATA connectors.

    Lets number the top row of pins 1-10 from left to right, and the bottom row of pins 11-20 from left to right. The bottom row is nearest the edge of the motherboard.

    You should have:

    p led+ in position 1
    p led - in position 3
    reset (coloured) in position 19
    reset (black/white) in position 20
    hdd led + in position 11
    hdd led - in position 12
    pwr sw + in position 16
    pwr sw - in position 17

    If there is any doubt on which wire is + and which -, then as a general rule, coloured is +, and white/black is -.

    The fact that you have SATA drives means that the hdd led will not light from your SATA activity. However, it will light when there is activity on any device connected to the IDE connectors (CD/DVD).
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