Motherboard (socket 478) Compatibility Question

I own an old version of ASUS motherboard.
And i bought a new Celeron D 310 to make a adidtional file server at home.
And i was wondering if there is a Compatibility issue with the motherboard and a new 90nm CPU.
even thou the FSB s supported by the motherboard but the computer won't start with symptoms like there is no CPU inserted.
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  1. So i suspected, unfortunate waste of money.

    A different kind of question then:
    when compering P4 2.4Ghz (Northwood) i have i've notices that the Celeron 310 i bought has L1 cashe of 16 KB comparing to the P4 that has only 8 KB
    Is that somehow considered a performance increase?
  2. Prescott cores need more L1 cache to operate at similar performance levels, because they have a deeper pipeline. The 310 is still garbage from a performance standpoint.

    You can mod a 310 to make it detect at 3.20GHz on nearly any board, I just did one myself.

    Too bad your board can't support it.
  3. LOL
    It is garbage, i also got an OEM which looks like hell as well.
    I thought to revive an old MB and make something usefull of it.
    I wasn't looking for a performance when purchasing but something to fill in a 478 socket :-)
    Now i have to get rid of it.
    Overclocking will be a waste of time actually, improving Celeron (just the word sounds funnny)
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