Can overclocking damage SATA Hard Drives??????

Is there anyway hard drives can become damaged from overclocking?
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  1. Nope!!
  2. Heat can damage HDDs so check the case temperature and your HDD temperature.
  3. If the SATA bus gets too far out of spec then the data written to the HDD may become corrupt, but it won't damage the HDD itself, just the data.
  4. Don't you lock the PCI bus and PCI bus SATA controllers are not overclocked when the CPU is, thus they run stock speed
  5. What are the benifits for OC'ing the PCI-E bus and SATA bus anyways? Bragging rights? Sorry I just don't know why they have those options to begin with :(.
  6. It will only cause instability in 70% of cases.

    However in the remaining 30% of cases it may work fine, and actually be required for stability (the PCI bus is [ratio] sync'd to the other buses, and only slightly out of spec).

    That's why they have the option to do it.
  7. no you can not damage the sata drive when you oc....the worst scenario it won`t boot......when you oc lock the sata clock
  8. If you want to brag then go ahead and OC your SATA....but SATA is plenty fast enough as it is, especially if you use something like a Raptor. OC'ing SATA is totally pointless.
  9. MAYBE thats y i killed my hard drive LOL. I dont think i locked my pci or whatever its called an i overclocked, and my SATA hard drive showed errors when i booted it up. Cyber power is gonna replace my hard drive though.
    any opinions
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