Accessing Locked Win Files from New SATA drive

ok, here's the deal. we've got a system with a fresh install of xp home on a new sata drive. we're trying to open files from the old windows ide hdd. the files are under an account that was password protected. is there anyway we can do this, without having to make the ide hdd active in the mbr?

*edit: the system was completely rebuilt, so a repair would have to be done first in order to boot into the old ide hdd, correct?
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  1. Best way you can do that is to re-establish ownership of the contents of that drive. In other words, the files that you are trying to access are assigned to a specific account on that old PC.

    Check here for a fairly easy guide to how to take ownership of those files. Post back if you have any problems.

  2. thanks for the info, i'll be sure to check it out when i get home.
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