I bought a LOGISYS 550W PS from NEWEGG as a combo deal for my ASROCK mobo and AMD X2 4400 and CORSAIR XMS DRAM. I’m beginning to have 2nd thoughts about the LOGISYS PS after reading a couple of negative reviews on the NEWEGG site. Should I just trash the LOGISYS PS and ante up $100 for a new 550W ANTEC PS? Or, is the ANTEC overpriced in any way and marginally better than then LOGISYS? I dont want a faulty PS damaging my mobo or DDRAM or CPU. Is 550W enough to power this rig?

I welcome all thoughts.

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  1. While you are right on about the quality differences in the two power supplies, whether or not to replace the Logisys with the Antec is really up to you. If you are planning on overclocking this PC, the need for stable power is paramount, and the Antec would definitely be worth the extra cost. If not, as long as you are within 5-10% of spec on all rails (check with MBM or some such utility), you should be fine.

  2. You can't spend "too much" on a P/S. as long as you do some homework. I'd be very wary of any P/S that got too many negative reviews, as you are toying with some expensive components and the damage that might result if it blows on you.

    However, I will warn, even Antec's power supplies can fry. My own blew out on me last week, it was a 3-year old Antec Truepower 550w, and a capacitor loudly burst while I was playing a game. Scared me right out of my chair, but at least when I got the replacement, nothing else had been fried. If you really want a stable rig, get a Seasonic or a PC Power and Cooling (mad expensive), they appear to be the most liked, and most expensive, on the market.

    I went with a Hiper Type-R 580w modular, and it looks awesome, plus its very stable and runs cool because of the 120mm fan and perforated housing. Any brand mentioned above would suffice, but given the load you will be placing on the card, anything under 550watts might be under-spec.
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