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I have just begun to use Windows Media Player to stream my movies and music when not home (or over the network while in a different area of the house) and I can't get any of my HD stuff to play or even show up in the player. Is there a codec I can get that will allow me to do it, or any other way? I'm new to streaming so I don't know too much about it.


Win 7 x64
Windows Media Player 12
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    WMP is container dependent. Out of the box WMP will support .mp4, but will not support MKV.

    Dont use WMP (I find it to be a pain and there are better alternatives for playback and streaming)
    install a splitter (haali or divx) that supports mkv.

    IMO you should just stick with shared folders for 'streaming' and MPC-HC for playback.
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  3. What's your view on MPC-HC vs VLC player for this kind of thing?
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