MSI K8T Master-2 FAR (MS 9130) Unable to detect all 4GB RAM?

If anyone has any idea why this is happening or what (if any) settings in the BIOS I can change for the MotherBoard to detect all 4 Gigs of RAM, I'd greatly appreciate it.

Basically I have a MSI K8T Master-2 FAR (MS 9130)
Flash w/ latest BIOS available on the MSI Site
Two Opteron 250 CPU's installed
and four modules of PC2700 ECC Crucial 1 GIG RAM. All identical model/part numbers. I've verified that each module of RAM is functioning properly alone or in a pair of 2...but when all 4 modules are in, the BIOS only can see about 3.5 GB of RAM

When I boot up the BIOS only recognizes a total of (3668992K) of RAM. I have Windows XP x64 and it only recognizes 3.5 Gigs of RAM. I know Win XP x64 should be capable of "seeing" all 4 gigs. I've used utilities like CPU-Z and it only identifies 3.5 Gigs of RAM as well.

Does anyone (with this board or farmiliar with this board) have any idea why this is happening and how I can resolve the issue. I'd greatly appreciate any help :)
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  1. I have the same board, with BIOS v1.2. I have 4 1GB Crucial DIMMs installed also...PC2100...I have the exact same problem with Linux/Xen. It does look like a BIOS issue. I would love to find a workaround.
  2. MSI sent me a BIOS v1.45 in response to this issue. It sees all 4GB but hangs during POST right after HDD detection. I think it doesn't create a BIOS hole for my 3ware controller's firmware, but that is only speculation. When I removed 2GB I was able to boot. I tried to clear the CMOS and then it completely killed the board...after that it would not init the video or begin to POST. I had to use another machine to re-flash v1.35 onto the BIOS chip in order to get the board running again. I e-mailed MSI about this... In the meantime if anyone is brave and has a way to recover their BIOS from a bad flash, send me a PM and I will send you a copy of the 1.45 BIOS. There is a chance it will work if you're not using any add-in controllers.
  3. i'm experiencing a similar problem on an Asus p4c800 with 4 x 1 GB OCZ Platinum.

    it only recognizes 3.3 GB. runs fine otherwise !
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