Masters.Whats best company to buy a Laptop?dell?hp

Some one just told me DELL is the best company ?? is thatr true? i want to know whats the best company or a good company to buy a LAPTOP i want something no too expensive good ? i dont now what to get yet im confused with this...some1 help me plz thanks you all.. im tired of my HP 450mhz p3 96mb crappy computer desktop and i want a laptop cause i need it..
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  1. Its all about the service contract and warantee.

    Shop around, any big name place should be good.

    I would get compaq or dell personally.

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  2. In our office we use both Dell laptops and workstations. The design and build quality is good, and the service is 2nd to none. A memory module went bad on a workstation last week, we called Dell at 4pm that afternoon, and the module was replaced by a Dell technician before 8:30 the next morning. And this is in a small office (4 or 5 people) in Nova Scotia.

    Whatever laptop you get, I HIGHLY recommend a three year warranty, and lots of ram.

    - JW
  3. Dell, in my opinion, would be first choice, But Toshiba and Compaq qould be right behind. IBM is high quality, but you sure pay for it!

    For performance go for Dell/Toshiba with the ATI Mobility Radeon 7500 64MB (Dell) or GeForce 4 Go 32MB (Toshiba) which both perform equally. (IT's true, BM's have bn released Radeon wins by 300pts on 3DM2001)

    Compaq are High Quality, but not much performance.

    IBM are HQ and High Performance but High Priced too.

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  4. i would get the radeon 7500 mobility dont even look at the GeForce 4 Go 32MB it showed to have half the performance of the radeon
  5. I've work with IBM and Dell, and the IBM ones have been the best ones to deal wiht. The drivers are easy to locate, and there are no unexplained issues with them. The Dells have a very cheeply made feel to them (granted, we use the Latitude business models, the personal ones are manufactured by a different maker), and I've had unexplained networking issues with them using Windows 2000.

    Compaq has the AMD powered laptops, and they have a good reputation with laptops, but I have not delt with any reciently.

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  6. The First Benchmark of the Toshiba Satellite 5000 woth the GeForce 4 GO! has been released:

    It's all in french (trustworthy? ;-) ) but the scores are as follows:

    Inpiron 8100 GeForce 2 GO (PIII-M 1133MHz) 2003
    Toshiba Satellite GeForce 4 GO (PIII 1066MHz) 3612
    Inpiron 8100 ATi MR 7500 (PIII-M 1133MHz) 3905

    Here are results comparing the GF2Go, GF4Go and M7 respectively:

    Game 1 Low 36.5 - 69.4 - 61.8
    High 17.1 - 21.4 - 24.7
    Game 2 Low 28.0 - 64.9 - 69.5
    High 10.5 - 31.0 - 32.6
    Game 3 Low 38.0 - 65.0 - 74.8
    High 21.3 - 34.9 - 28.6
    Fill Rate Single texture 183 - 429 - 350
    Fill Rate Multi texture 286 - 452 - 963
    High polygon count 1 light 10.5 - 19.8 - 11.3
    High polygon count 8 lights 2.1 - 5.3 - 2.6
    Environment Mapped Bump Mapping NOT SUPPORTED

    TOTAL 3DMARK: 2003 - 3612 - 3905
    I'm sure that IF dell DO bring out the GF4Go, it will perform better, but i will still be satisfied if i get a ATi M7 64MB.


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  7. Dell's laptop are usually more of a workhorse than anything else. Toshiba's laptop is solid as a rock, as is IBM, but you have to pay a premium for the latter. Sony laptop is the equivalent of Apple in the PC world, it's got style...

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  8. I would not consider myself an expert but very well versed in laptops since I have had 34, if my receipts are correct, since 1994.

    IBMs are great but they cost a ton and customer service is not real great, they can be testy.

    Compaq: Junk, enough said! The 4 I have owner were returned in less than 5 days

    Gateway: excellent customer service. There are some hardware issues when using PCMCIA cards or peripheral hardware.

    Winbook: overpriced for what you get but excellent customer service. There are some hardware issues when using PCMCIA cards or peripheral hardware.

    Dell: it’s a truck. Tough and rugged, excellent customer service. There are some hardware issues when using PCMCIA cards or peripheral hardware.

    Sony: I like them they just don't like me. They are fragile and have poor screens. They loose pixels over time. The current one I have has a spot the size of a quarter. They do really cool things like 1394, memory stick built-in.

    Toshiba: This is the workhorse of the laptop world. THEY ARE TANKS. They have excellent customer service and are very responsive to email questions. The best screen on a laptop that I have ever seen. No dead pixels on any of my 12 tosh laptops and I have old one. P133 MMX TFT machines, they still run as if new. The most important thing, they support there machines via web after the warranty is gone. Yep, ALL of the drivers for all of the operating systems are posted on their web page to downloaded at any time. Tosh is always improving the BIOS and working out the bugs. Again they are there for download. No password no registering. and go. I can not say enough nice things about Tosh Laptops.

    The trick to buying a laptop; the customer service and drivers after the machine is one or two years old. You want a machine that can be used for few years. Don't worry about the thing being useless in year, they are out of date the day you buy it, so future support is critical. Also, look at the extend warranty on high dollar machines, $1800 or more is high dollar, three years or so, make sure it supports screen and battery replacement as these are the items with the highest failures. Shop around for the best price. Dealers have very different pricing based on the date they received it from the manufacturer.

    Hope this helps

  9. Toshiba. I've never heard a complaint about them, and never seen one with a defective part.

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
  10. Thanks You people all you rule and this forum too for the great help all you people give ... Then Im going to look forward more for Toshiba. i have a TV 32'' toshiba for like 7 or 8 years and every day on i play alot of games for all does years on that tv, that tv never had a problem is like new.. Maybe i get something about $900+ to 1200 i cant pay more, i can pay every month too i think depends whats the minimum payment. thats great im gonna get a Toshiba then. thanks you all.......................!!!
  11. I work with a combo of Toshiba's and IBM's. I have to say the Toshiba's do hold up better. Every IBM we have had in either has the battery go bad or the screen or screen cable die. Only problem with Toshiba's is the lack of a quality case and somewhat weak docking pins in the back. If only I could take the toshiba guts and stick them in a thinkpad case...
  12. I read that the Geforce 4 Go in the Toshiba satellite not only is hobbled by 32 megs less of RAM but it also uses a 64 bit interface when it can use a 128 bit interface.. The ATI 7500 mobility Radeon in the Dell inspiron has 64 megs of RAM and (I'm pretty sure) 128 bit interface. Now if some one put a Geforce 4 go with a 128 bit interface and 64 megs of memory I'm pretty sure it would outscore the ATI 7500 mobile chipset. In the Bench marks I've seen the ATI 7500 beat the Geforce Go by about a 3rd and they were comparing the Toshiba satellite to the Dell. A fully utilized Geforce 4 go should at least eliminate the gap imho.

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