I have just got a new PC system.
AOpen Ax3s Pro motherboard with i815e chipset.
P3 733 (fsb133)
256Mb SDRAM (PC-133)
UDMA-66 15Gb HDD
Geforce2 GTS 32mb graphics card

I cant make my mind up which operating system to use Win95 or Win98se, or WinME ?????

What would give me the best performance for games like EliteForce & Quake3. I do do the odd bit or word/office stuff and art, so I need an operating system that will be good for that 2. Another alternative is W2k!!!!!

Decisions..decisions, someone please show me the light at the end of the tunnel!

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  1. I personally favour win98se
  2. I was reluctant to have ME come on my new pc, I was happy with 98se. But after using it I have to recommend ME. THe system restore feature is worht it's weight in gold if you mess up your pc and don't have a recent backup. It lets you easily go back to a recent checkpoint with no data lost. Just make sure all your components have drivers that support ME.
  3. I would stay with win98SE. I installed fresh winME on my box and noticed some applications that ran slower than before. I have 400 Celeron with 192MB RAM. All my drivers were up-to-date. BIOS most recent. Only thing I noticed was boot-up and shutdown time were quicker other than that, everything else was a little slower.
  4. I agree with btomlin,
    Stick with 98se.
    The only good thing I've heard about ME is the restore and maybe the quicker start-up and shutdown.
  5. Win 98SE ... hands down. Win 98 SE has better memory management than Win 95, and has inherent USB support. Win ME is a mess (ask any technician and you'll hear horror stories). The last time I saw an OS with non-Plug-N-Play support this bad was with Win 3x. W2K is definitely not the way to go, the driver database is sparse, and the OS is not optimized for gaming. Install Win98SE, get the latest drivers for your GTS card, install DX8 ... and frag away!

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