Advice needed. Power Supply flips breaker switch

hello everyone. I have built a few systems, but I have always used generic power supplies that come with the case. As I have gotten older (and wiser) I have realized my generic power supply is becoming outdated, especially for the upgrade I am currently in the middle of. I am upgrading to new stuff that needs more power than my generic 300w can supply. I have purchased an Enermax Liberty 500w power supply. I have installed it into the case, and started it up, but after a fraction of a second the breaker switch flips and power is gone. I tried plugging the computer in the kitchen, and it works there. I suspect the load tolerance on the outlet is higher there for microwaves and such. I have been working with computer hardware for a while and I have never heard of this problem before. I know the outlet in the bedroom (where it doesn't work) is not overloaded, since everything else plugged into it was turned off or unplugged. I was under the impression that computers don't use that much power anyways. Anyhow, here are my specs, and the computer runs fine, though I suspect a bit overloaded, on my generic 300w power supply. Does anyone have any speculation as to whether I may have a bad power supply? Or is it just bad luck that my outlets can't handle the load (I live in a college owned apartment right now). Thanks a lot!


Abit NF7-S V.2
Athlon XP 2600+ (slightly overclocked)
3 sticks 512mb 3200 DDR RAM
Radeon 9800 Pro 128mb (slightly overclocked)
2 150mb 7200rpm SATA hard drives in RAID 0
DVD drive
DVD Burner

The power supply that works: HEC 300w
The power supply that doesn't: Enermax Liberty 500w
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  1. Could be a weakening breaker
  2. I doubt that is it. The building (and the breakers) are less than a year old. Besides, I tried on a couple different breakers in the bedroom, and a couple different ones in the kitchen, and the results were the same: kitchen works, bedroom doesn't.
  3. gp out to home depot spend 5 or 10 bucks on an outlet tester (plug into outlet and reports shorts) and see what happens.
  4. brand new breakers can be defective. and they are cheap.
  5. There are probably more outlets connected to that breaker than just your bedroom.

    For instance, I have my computer hooked up on the North wall upstairs in my condo. The other computers in this room are connected to the East & West walls.

    Directly downstairs from my computer is the living room. If I run my computer, the fan I have next to my desk, along with the TV, Stereo, and DVD Player downstairs, my computer (along with all the stuff downstairs) shuts off and I have to flip the breaker.

    You wouldn't think they were connected, being not only in another room but on seperate floors - but they are.

    I would suggest trying it when nobody else is home, and you have the option to shut off everything else in the house (usually only connecting walls are on the same breaker, but you never know!).

    If you are still having problems after that, I would do as others have suggested and get an outlet tester from Home Depot.

    I would think it could be a short in the PSU, but I really doubt that since you said it works fine in the kitchen.

    By the way - are you hooked up to a surge protector in the bedroom? If so, what about in the kitchen? Perhaps this could be an issue?
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