Trouble brewing from the homebrew.. Help with Oblivion

So I've got my own system...

3.2 Pentium 4 Processor
1 GB ddr2 533 ram
2 optical drives
2 ATA hard drives
1 x1800 XT PCIe card 512 MB
Energmax PSU 480 W
winblows xp pro

all my parts are pretty new, I've been using the cpu/mobo for awhile and just upgraded the video card... here's my question and I need your help!!!

I keep getting frames tearing from my video card playing Oblivion and I'm not sure why... I also don't know why it seems like i'm getting a more unstable config with windows and I can't get a bit done... I've turned down some settings from the Ultra-high detected video settings that It has...

Can I get a start with what's wrong??? I saw a benchmarking where the x1800 XT gets 35 fps on oblivion in multiple settings and I keep getting tearing. I've overclocked it to like 650/750 with the ccc...

help help help!
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  1. Best advice I have is to download the drivers ATI has for Oblivion I only have a 9800 Pro but they did seem to help alot (im not sure how they did it but it seems to be alot more playable AND looks better.... some voodoo magic going on at the ATI place I tell you)

    Use this driver... XP will complain 2 times that its not signed but dont worry its all good :)

    Edit: Also maybe turn on VSync ? I know you get more frames with it off but sometimes you get tearing too ? (I dont have that problem anymore now I have frame stutter meaning Oblivion is more then my poor old card can handle so well hmmm maybe I will get torn frames when I get my X1900 hahahahah)
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