a8n32-sli keeps restarting I Need Help!

I went out last night and left my sister on my computer using the internet. She told me she was listening to internet radio then all of a sudden the speakers made a loud bang and then made all the music sound really bad quality so she turned the speakers of and carried on using the computer.
When Igot home she told me what happened so i went to boot it up. Now my computer will boot into windows XP but will only show my desktop for around 3-5 seconds before rebooting and i have no idea how to sort out this problem, can anyone help?

I have:
asus a8n32-sli deluxe mb
athlon 3700+ sandiego core
2x 512mb corsair XMS 3200 PRO
gigabyte 7800gt
x-fi fatal1ty sound card
WD 250gig sata2
hiper 580watt type R PSU

The first message to come up asked me to insert boot floppy ( but i have no floppy drive or boot floppy )
on second reboot a message came up saying somthing about a 3rd harddisk but that disapeared before i could write it down.
( i only have one harddrive )
then the compter went through an error check but just kept restarting over and over again after that.

I dont thinks its an overheating problem as the ai booster that pops up within the 3-5 seconds shows that my CPU is 35degreesC
and my chassis temp is 34degreesC

I havent overclocked anything in my pc either.

every thing had been working fine the previous week
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  1. Are you able to start the machine in safe mode?
  2. i got my machine to start in safe mode, backed all my stuff up and just reinstalled windows and its fine now.
  3. I had this exact problem too (with a8n32 and hiper type-r 580). A full reinstall alleviated the problem for a while. However, it came back. Then I plugged my hiper into the EZ-Plug and it hasnt happened sicne. If it comes back, plug a 4 pin molex from the hiper into the EZ-Plug.
  4. So are you saying there is insufficient power to the mobo and all the other components?? :twisted:
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