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i hve a intel p-4 1.5giga processor.I have to find some problem in my pc.my pc would be hang during working after few minutes.when i have to start again they will give me a option of resume overheating press f4.but in some days they have not start but the processor fan start work and the mean time their power button off but processor works they cannot off.i have to check their RAM but still i find problem.now i have again check them during few days but but they cannot give the overheating problem their power button off but processor fan work.please give me a solution of my pc problem thank you. :?:
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  1. Sorry, but I'm having a hard time understanding what you mean. No offense. But correct me if Im wrong and what you are trying to say is that you have an overheating problem?

    If it's overheating, then clean up you pc and dust it with a can of duster. The ventilations might clogged with dirt and dust, the fact that you pc is old. Also clean out your cpu cooler or heatsink and apply a good thin layer of thermal paste. You maybe need new fans?
  2. maybe ur processor fan is not rotating or operating well, other boards have an option in it's bios ex. Fan Legacy Control, check it if u might have set it wrong.
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