Which Hard Disk should I go for

Which HDD should I go for?

Hitachi or western digital.

I am planning to get two identical hard disks and put them in raid 0.
Will I get almost double the performance?

I would like a rating on the following basis.

1. Performance
2. Reliability
3. Service in case of problems

I heard that Western digital is bad in service

Seagate is best in reliability and hitachi is worst, is it true?

WD scores in office applications.

Hitachi has the best seek time.

NCQ implementation for Hitachi is not so good and it is good for WD.

Please let me know.
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  1. Hi

    I think Hitachi and Western Digital are both good drive makers. However, WD has been in the business much longer. These are my personal opinions (based on the drives I've owned before and opinions from friends)

    1. Performance (3.5 out of 5)
    2. Reliability (3 out of 5)
    3. Service in case of problems (Not sure)

    1. Performance (4 out of 5)
    2. Reliability (4 out of 5)
    3. Service in case of problems (Not sure)

    Hope this helps.
  2. I usually go for Seagates, then WD, then Maxtor or IBM. Hitachi I don't relaly like since they wouldn't honor their warranty for my coworker. (He bought a computer w/ a Hitachi HDD that failed, but they said it wouldn't work because he didn't buy it originally.)

    I like Seagate because of the 5yr warranty. You won't get that anywhere else, altho WD is starting to do it more, but for the top-line drives I think. I think WD you'd squeak out a little more performance, but it may not be noticeable at all. I have a 8 yr old 30GB Seagate - runs just as well as the first day I got it.

    I've never dealt w/ the service w/ Hitachi, WD, or Seagate, so I can't help you there. But I'm sure if you Google around you'll be able to find some stories.
  3. Hitachi has the legacy of the IBM Deathstar to live down. I'd opt for the WD between the two. Personally, I perfer Seagate or Samsung. Don't get too hung up on some of the performance numbers, as real world differences tend to be very hard to discern most of the time in similar spec drives from different manufacturers. I'd be willing to give a little on performance anyway for better reliability.
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