[HELP] Failing to boot after attempted 2nd drive install


My computer is ( or it at least seems ) to fail to boot, screens stay black, no keyboard response or whatsoever. Every part is still ( or seems ) working, CD drives do run and HD also runs.

Some specs:
1 SATA HD the standard HD
1 IDE HD which is pretty old and this is the one i tried to connect
AMD Athlon64 3200+
MSI motherboard

the jumper on the IDE HD was set on single ( which i didnt know ), might that have caused this?

I would really appreciate it if any of you guys had a solution or a what-to-do-when-everything-stays-dead advice.

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  1. Hi Zoepahman,

    Can I suggest the following:

    1) Remove the second hard drive and all unneccessary components.
    2) Check your power cables - are they all connected properly?
    3) What is the power supply wattage?
    4) When you say fails to boot, do you hear a beep sound? One beep or a long beep?
  2. Yes all cables where connected and the new drive removed. I however already found a solution for this problem.

    I set the CMOS jumper to the reset position ( while all drives disconnected ) and tried to boot, to boot worked but since the jumper was set to reset, it didnt get any further than that. After setting the jumper to keep again and connecting the original HD, the system booted like nothing ever happened.

    Connecting the second drive appears to be more difficult than expected and i will have to do some more research on installing extra IDE drives when you have a SATA drive.

    Thx for your quick response!
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