Changing cpu voltage. Please help!!

Hi. i have a toshiba satellite pro L10 which has the following specs

Celeron M 1.5ghz

512mb ddr ram

40gb hardrive

I bought the laptop 6 months ago and its always run hot and noisy. I dont know why but i have trd everything except undervolting and underclocking the cpu. Its average temp (when say a word doument is up) is btween 60 and 70 degrees C.

I then downloaded notebook hardware control. And rightark cpu clock utility. And even though i coud change the clock (which had little effect) it wouldn't let me change the voltage (which it should have done) on either. All it said was the voltage was set to max!

Does anyone know any free programmes that will work or how to get these working. Is there something in the biosi need to change?


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