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Match front audio panel connectors and motherboard pins

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Last response: in Motherboards
April 7, 2006 9:41:09 PM

Hi! My question regards an Asus a8n sli premium. I've plugged the power switch, power led, hdd led, speaker, etc etc, you know, all those tiny connectors. But I don't know "what goes where" regarding the front panel audio connectors (EAR and MIC) from the case (Thermaltake Swing).

From the front panel, I have this tiny connectors:

Mic In (brown)
Mic vcc (brown) (not really a separate cable, it's a prolongation of mic in)
Ear L (red)
Ear R (orange)
Line L (yellow)
Line R (green)
Gnd (black)

Then, in the motherboard, I think the corresponding connectors (located near the rear audio panel) have to be some of these:

[BLINE_OUT_L] [Line out_L] <--- both covered by a blue jumper
[ no pin, empty ] [NC]
[BLINE_OUT_R] [Line out_R] <--- both covered by a blue jumper

I'm really at a loss... I don't know how to match the front panel connectors and the motherboard pin connectors. I know it's a cumbersome question, but... could anybody give me a hand, please? Thanks...

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April 8, 2006 5:43:42 PM

I thought it was strange not having replies to what I thought to be an easy question... but upon further investigation I've found that few people can match these connectors without trying first because the relation pins/connections is not so evident.

Just in case anybody with the same issue ends up here, the answer seems to be:

b_line_out_l : line_l
line_out_l : ear l

bline_out_r : line_r
line_out_r : ear r

micpwr : micvcc

agnd : gnd
mic2 : mic in

As usual, NC is not used, and +5VA possibly is only for powered microphones. Note that you have to remove the jumpers to do the right wiring-connections.
The mic works equally in the rear and front connector, but for some reason the crappy configuration interface included with the drivers doesn't detect the micro as being connected when it's plugged using the front connection (although like I said, the microphone works the same). I was tempted to change or check some connections, but you know the saying... if it works, don't fix it!

I hope this info will be useful to somebody, some day. Regards everybody...