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I have a Dell 8400 system and i just got a 7600 GT for it, XFX XXX 590/1600, great card. Well anyways it's idling at around 48c and loading full at like 65c is the max i've gotten it to. Not horrible temps, but i do know my case doesn't have the best cooling. Anyways i'd like to install some fans, 80mm ones, but the only place i have room is the very, very from of the case and it's not even made for a fan , but it has have sone vents wholes in the very bottom front. Now since i don't have any room in the back i was wondering if i could just install a 50 cmf 80mm fan in the back but on the outside of my case. Just run the 4 pin wire outside the case and wire the fan on the back so it'd just the hot air from my case out. Is their anything i need to be worried about when doing this? It'll be mounted on the back of the metal grill about half point from the cpu to the 7600 it'll be right in the middle sucking all the hot air out. Does anyone see any problems with this? I was looking at a blower at and it was like 5 bucks for a AOC 42 CMF blower, but i don't think this is going to do i might get a 80mm 50 cmf fan, and that blower along with a Y 4 pin splitter..

Anyways i was wondering if this setup would work and if there'd be any problems. Also if anyone can make some suggestions on what i can do besides like water cooling i'd be really greatful. Thanks. :D
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  1. Here is a suggestion that is guaranteed to void your warranty. Do you have enough room between the back of your optical drive and the front of your powersupply to squeeze in a blow hole?
    I'm not really familiar with that case- is there a thin layer of metal with the plastic? If you don't want to get too surgical, you can always use zip ties to mount some extra fans. Good luck- you'll need it.
  2. First off, those temps are actually well within spec for your video card. I've seen a 7800 GT running around 70C+ under load and it had no issues.

    You could always get an aftermarket cooler for the card, though I realize that most of those are for water cooling. Still, look around newegg or xoxide and see what you can find.

    You can also get fans that mount to a PCI slot on your case. Those are pretty handy, too.

    A friend of mine did a mod to his 7800GT that involved mounting an 80mm fan to the aluminum area of the cooler (on the far end, away from the fan). He didn't have a lot of success (I warned him that hot glue was not the way to go, so don't make his mistake if you decide to try it), unfortunately. However, for the short time that it worked, it brought his temps down about 20C. The process basically involved setting 4 posts into the headsink and attatching the 80mm fan to them (you want it to be about 3" off the heatsink). Then, you just plug the fan in somewhere and you're good to go.

    If you're especially interested in that last one, let me know and I'll see if I can find the website that he got the idea from.
  3. Well what would happen if i just ran the 4 pin cable line outside the back of the some zip ties and attached a 80mm fan on the outside back of has grate holes were heat could travel through easily..

    Does this sound insane? Even though my temps are reasonable i'd like them to be a little less ...i mean would that blower help me?

    here's the link.
  4. That's the PCI slot fan I was talking about.

    Personally, I think it's kind of insane. It should work, but it could be dangerous too - You could get something jammed in ther pretty easily.

    I'll look around and see if there are any after-market coolers for the 7600.

    By the way - I know it's expensive, but have you looked into the Thermal Take water cooling system that is designed to work specifically for the video card? It has it's own reservoir and radiator built-in.
  5. What would esentially be the difference between having it screwing in the back inside the case, vs having it zip tied to the back but outside the case...i mean there's nothing their for anything to get stuck or jammed...i'd have it on blow so everything outside the case would blow and not suck in...

    I will try that blower...42 CMF sounds like a should draw a lot of heat down.

    My comflicting problem is although i have two PCI slots left, this 7600 GT heatsink/fan is right on one of my PCI estentially i have 1 with a lot of room..the other one would rub right on the heatsink.

    So i'd get that blower...but i was curious..just a Aerocool 80mm Blaster...50 some odd cmf..blowing on the back..what could go wrong? I'm just wondering if there would be any danger...logically i think it's the same thing as having it inside the case..but who knows.
  6. I just really don't like the idea of fans outside the case. Kids could come by and stick fingers in them, cats could get their tails in them, random bits of string or somebody's sleeve could get caught in them... I'm kind of paranoid, but when it comes to my computer it's "better safe than sorry."

    If the blower just isn't cutting it, I suppose you could always try your idea.
  7. Hmmm i'll try the blower first. If nothing i'll try the fan idea...basically just because i don't have kids or pets...and my computer is tucked away against my wall and side of my we'll take a shot at that to see if it works if the blower fails.

    Do you think the blower will work good tho?
  8. They tend to work fairly well in my experience. I had one briefly when I was using a 9800 Pro and it dropped my temps by about 3-4C when under full load.

    Not huge, but definitely better.

    Plus anything you can do to improve your airflow is a good idea. Maybe go through and clean up some cables, etc.
  9. You can always put a simple fan grill on the fan to keep stuff from getting in it.
    The round wire grills are super cheap.
  10. Quote:
    You can always put a simple fan grill on the fan to keep stuff from getting in it.
    The round wire grills are super cheap.

    You know what....hell i'm going to do this crap. Even if it doesn't work i'm only out of like 15 bucks anyways. And logicially it's the same as having a fan inside the case..except a 1/8th of metal grill is seperating it.

    So i guess i'll just get that high power 50 cmf 80mm fan, get a grill or something for it and some wiretie or attach it somehow and just run the 4 pin cable out the side. I can't imagine it being harmful in anyway.
  11. you should be able to take a blank slot cover off the back and snake the 4 pin out the back.
  12. I'm so going to have a ghetto rigged computer :lol:
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