Games crash to desktop ! PSU problem ?

Basically FarCry and Stronghold 2 crash to desktop when they start loading up. My PC meets and exceeds minimum requirements and i have all drivers, patches etc installed, could it be my 650W Q-Tec PSU?
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  1. i personally can't help you, but i can guarantee you no one else can if you don't post your hardware details (and maybe OS?)


  2. Well to be honest I was more asking if it was my power supply, but anywho my specs are as follows...

    AMD Athlon 64 3500
    Epox EP9NPA+ SLi Motherboard
    ATI X800XT Graphics Card
    1GB Kingston HyperX RAM
    160GB Maxtor SATA HDD
    Sound Blaster Live SE
    Ralink Wireless Network Card
    Q-Tec 650W PSU
    Windows XP Pro

    None of the above are overclocked
  3. Alright thanks, i'm also gonna try running avast and ad-aware as i haven't ran a virus scan for a while. Do you know of any programs which tell me windows processes and ones that i can close as i have around 45 running atm (i have a lot of crap on this PC)
  4. If you google a process there's a website that comes up almost top of every list that tells you exactly what it is, which is good. Do ad-aware etc... because it does sound like it's the extra processes crashing the PC. Before it crashes, try getting a process reading and find out which ones are using up most CPU/RAM, and delete them!
  5. As others have said, Google is key here. There is a free program called Process Explorer that gives ALOT more info than windows task manager. It runs out of a folder and gives info on all processes including those running in a shell(i.e. svchost). Then to turn off start-ups, run msconfig and go down the list looking for the executable file name(*.exe) Then enter them in this website and shut off unnecessary ones.
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