What flat panel has the higher DPI

Which Flat Panel has the higher DPI?

17" @ 1280 x 1024 or
20" @ 1600 x 1200
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  1. There are few if any 20” LCD’s The NEC 2010X is 20.1” so I will use it in the comparison.

    The 2010X screen size is 15.6” x 12.5” or 20.1 Diagonal. DPI is calculated by dividing the resolution by the size.

    1600 / 15.6 = 102 DPI Horizontal
    1200 / 12.5 = 96 DPI Vertical

    A 17” LCD has a screen size of 13.1” x 10.5”
    1280 / 13.1 = 97.7 DPI Horizontal
    1024 / 10.5 = 97.5 DPI Vertical

    Hope this helps.

    Jim Witkowski
    Chief Hardware Engineer
    Cornerstone / Monitorsdirect.com

    Jim at http://www.monitorsdirect.com
  2. Hey GoShark, just wonder have you heard about any issue with Gf3-ti500 and lcd panel? it seem a few person have major problem using Viewsonic and gf3ti500 combo?

    any idea?
    I am concern because I plan to get the Gf4 4200, but I am worry because of the few instance where people have problem with Nvidia and Viewsonic lcd both in this and AT forum!

    What is the deal? any comment

    and can you also comment on which refresh rated should I use on lcd panel, it have a choice of 60, 70 and 75mhz? what is the difference on lcd if any? and which one should I use on 1280x1024?


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  3. Honestly I do not track video cards as much as I do monitors. I know what you are talking about I have heard of this and other problems relating to incompatibilities between video cards and monitors.

    In all cased it relates back the DVI interface.

    There are approximately 4 versions of DVI and multiple revisions within these versions. Some of these versions are not downward compatible. I have noticed that some manufacturers are now publishing lists compatibility lists. Best advice is buyer beware. Today's version of DVI is rather limited. DVI driver chips have a maximum 1600 x 1200 at 60Hz resolution and refresh rate capability. Keep this in mind if you plan on upgrading. If you plan on upgrading your video card when the next generation DVI driver chips come out, there is no guarantee that the receiver chip in the monitor will be compatible. For all its faults, this is the major benefit of the VGA (Analog) standard, it will always be upward and downward compatible.

    Jim Witkowski
    Chief Hardware Engineer
    Cornerstone / Monitorsdirect.com

    Jim at http://www.monitorsdirect.com
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