Cox cable and wireless router, what to get?

Hello! Baby!

We are about to get Cox cable (live in AZ), and want to have 3 computers connected via a wireless network to the cable.

One option we are looking at is the Motorola SBG1000, which is a cable modem wireless router combo (801.11b).

The other option we are looking at would be a Motorola Surfboard modem paired with a wireless router, such as a Linksys WRT54G or DLink DI614+.

If we get a modem and router seperate, the router should be 54mb/s compatable, and we will get wireless 54g pci cards for all 3 computers connected.

A question: if i get a 54g wireless pci card, would it work with a 801.11b router? Also if i get a 54g wireless router, would it work with a 801.11b pci card? I think theyre backwards compatable...

If we get 54g pci cards, which ones should we get.
So far i have looked at Belkins and Linksys wireless G cards, which are 80 and 60 dollars a piece respectively, on

If you know of a better site to purchase networking equiptment, please tell me.

Ive read of distance problems with wireless routers (801.11b and 54g alike), espcially with the Linksys WRT54G (often mentioned in reviews)
It says that after 25ft, performance will be dropped to 30%.
There is no signal booster for the WRT54G currently, nor would we like to pay the additional money for one in the first place.

This router/ modem/router combo will be in the middle of our house, with one computer right next to it, and 2 others about 20-25ft away on either side.
What router/pci card combo would yield the best signal integrity etc.?

Lots of questions I know, but im new to wireless networking and want to get a good setup, and am trying to keep the price down also.

TY in advance for all responses.

Long live ATI.
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  1. I've always had good luck with Linksys, but I've never used wireless. My only question is, if one computer is going to be right next to the modem/router, why are you going wireless on it? Save some money and use a NIC.

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