No -5V on Enermax Liberty Power Supply?

Alright so I got a 500W Enermax Liberty to replace my generic 300W. However, I now realize that it has no -5V plug in it. Everything seems to work fine (sort of), but the Abit utilities that came with my motherboard screams alarms at me and says that the -5V is at 3.3V and it should be negative. With my generic power supply it stays around -5.2, within the limits of the monitoring utilities. Am I going to run into problems with this -5V missing, or should I just turn off the alarm and pretend everything is alright. I have thought that maybe my motherboard is incompatible, but it's not very old so that doesn't make much sense, and I am upgrading the motherboard soon and the upgrade has the exact same plugins on the motherboard. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks.


Abit NF7-S V.2 (soon to be Abit AN8 SLI)
Athlon XP 2600+ (slightly overclocked)
3 sticks 512mb 3200 DDR RAM
Radeon 9800 Pro 128mb (slightly overclocked)
2 150mb 7200rpm SATA hard drives in RAID 0
DVD drive
DVD Burner
Windows XP Pro
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  1. -5v is never used any more, so in an update to the standard they eliminated the requirement. If your mobo was 15yrs old, it may need it, otherwise just turn off the alarm for that voltage.

  2. I have an Antec SPII 500W and it has the same "problem." I was also very worried about this, but after asking around and talking to some people, I found out that this wouldn't be a problem. Can't say that I've had any PSU related problems. I attribute most of them to my cheapo ECS mobo.

  3. I have the Enermax Liberty 620 and the Abit AN8-SLI. They work great together. The copy of Abit EQ that came with my board doesn't even list -5V...
  4. I have this power supply, I love it. You have nothing to worry about :D
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