x200 or 3200 crossfire.... any clues what's the difference?

Well i want to upgrade to 2 GB of ram which I don't have the slots for right now so I want a mobo upgrade... I have an x1800 XT and I thought I might want a board that is crossfire compatible (for the future... i don't want to drop the money for the performance now... but maybe in a year it will be more of a smart choice).

anyway, does anyone know where i can find the difference on these two chipsets? Do they effect the dual GPU performance?

here's my rig so far:

intel 3.2 cpu
x1800 XT
1 GB ddr2 533 ram

i want to get a bigger boost out of oblivion and I think a ram upgrade could do it... unfortunately I have to get another mobo to get there.

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  1. Hey wusy, I have this board, and I know it is capable of OCing the PCIe, but is it actually safe? Has anyone done this? And, obviously, does it result in a substantial performance boost?

    I current have my HTT OC'd to 1300Mhz!
  2. i have actually oced my pcie clock and i had adverse effects from the onboard components using the pcie bus. after around 5 minutes of use my lan would stop working. this was fixed by returning the clock to the standard level. im sure this has more to due with mobos than anything else so you should try it and see what happens.
  3. there are no intel x3200 boards. all of you guys seemed to miss that he has a p4...
  4. yeah so that's the big deal... i don't _dislike_ my system so the p4 and the ddr2 ram is nice... so is my x1800 XT card but if I wanna get 2 gigs of ram I gotta get a new mobo which means either I buy:

    intel 955
    intel 975

    or some chipset with the 200 crossfire thing made by ECS...

    i don't really LIKE those choices being that all those mobos seem like a lotta suck.

    why doesn't any major manufacturer make this crossfire compatible chipset for intel chips?

    i realize now that if I had more money I shoulda got a AMD chip but I had free ddr2 so that's incompatible anyway.

    thanks for everything

  5. intel chipset mobos work too, if made by other manufactures like Asus, Gigabyte, etc...
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