Help me up on this old issue: X1900, gf7800gtxko or x1800xt?

Im tired o Ati fans saying that all the ATIs are better then Nvidia. From what i have seen the 7800Gtx 256 outperforms the X1800xt256 very well. Even though thats not my point. I have found those video cards with a U$2,00 difference and i wanna know the best bang for the buck.

Evga GeforceGtX7800 Ko (256mb slightly overclocked), the X1800XT 512mb or even the X1900Xt 512? Here we go with the clocks (the shaders and pipelines you alrady know)

7800GTX Ko 256- 490mhz/1300mhz
1800Xt 512 - 625mhx/1500mhz (actually about U$80,00 cheaper then the others)
1900xt 512 - 625mhz/1450mhz
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  1. Are you serious of course the x1900xt it has 48 shaders and the fastest and better core from any of the other two
  2. I'm not a scientist, just a user who gets to try alot of different cards. Every ATI card I used as of late were total crap, except for an 800 something or other, and an asus 9800. This of course EXCLUDES the 18 and 1900 series. During my years, I have become an nvidia "fanboy" because of the difference.

    Without saying anymore, go with the 1900. The card will probably perform better, and let you see more, and will render shaders more efficiently than the other two.

    ...... not to say the others aren't "good" cards.
  3. Well i have and old GeforceTi4200 (old times... that nvidia was the king of the hill for a long time but then there goes ati with the 9700pro) and i just dont know anyone close to me that have an ATI video card. My cousin have a 9800pro but i wanna know about the new stuff. Yes the 1900XT IS my primary choice, but thos forumz'ATI fanboys talk like the AMD fanboys. We just dont know what it true and whats not. Just to know, the pentiums Extreme are the best for video and engineering aplications (and just for that, NOT for gaming), but still people just say "go AMD". This new machine im building is gaming purpose since i have an ACER travelmate 4402 with a X700 mobile, but thats just for work.

    Of course this question just came out becaus THG havent updated the VGA charts yet and theres no comparsion between them

    So 1900XT will it be. Thank u all
  4. As you may notice from my profile I have an X1900XT. It outperforms my (old!) X1800XT by quite a way in some games such as Oblivion and Quake4 and can only be matched by 7900GTX, but these new nVidia cards are still quite expensive and there are already a lot of very good deals on the X1900XT's.

    If yoy want to save some cash, a 512mb X1800XT will beat a 256mb 7800GTX in almost every benchmark except for OpenGL games, and with the newer CAT drivers it now gets very close to the 7800GTX.

    The 512mb 7800GTX performs in between the X1800XT and the X1900XT but is generally still more expensive thant the X1900XT so not a good buy.
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