Price/Performance of 3700+ San Diego vs. X2 3800+ Dual Core?

I am in the process of building a mid-level PC, and having mixed feelings on which processor. There is about a $65 price difference. Is it worth it to go for the X2?

This will be paired with an nForce 4 Ultra based motherboard, 7600GT, 2GB RAM.

Light gaming, home PC, video editing (from mini DV camcorder).

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  1. Quote:
    Is it worth it to go for the X2?

    This will be paired with an nForce 4 Ultra based motherboard, 7600GT, 2GB RAM.

    Light gaming, home PC, video editing (from mini DV camcorder).



    I must have answered the exact same question about 10 times in the last 5 days, most of those threads can be found on the first two pages of this forum.

    Next time, please do a search and read a few of those threads.
  2. 3800X2 cuz u can do other stuff while u decode, 3700+ wont allow u to od much while decoding
  3. If you want my opinion, then NEITHER! First off, screw single-core. Too slow for intensive multitasking. Now for fual core. If you're looking at a 3800+ X2, that has 2x512mb L2 cache, totaling in 1mb, the same as most single-core processors. On newegg, the 3800+ cost around $285, so that's not that bad. In my opinion, get the Opteron 165. The Opteron is dual-core and has 2x1mb L2 cache, the same as the x2 4400+, but cheaper. This retails for $325, which in my opinion is a VERY good deal. Although it does come stock as 1.8ghZ (the 3800+ has 2.0ghZ), it can be insanely overclocked; I currently have mine running at 2.93ghZ with a Thermaltake big typhoon, faster than the FX60, which costs over $1000. The Opterons run much faster, overclock easier, and are cheaper. Overall a great buy. So I'd choose the Opteron 165 over the X2 3800+. Here's the link if you are interested in buying.
  4. For someone with an average rig im really not so sure dual core is that much better..... yet. The people that ask these questions about entry level dual cores vs single cores arent going to have multiple hard-drives and wads of ram to allow for "real" multitasking. Decoding while playing games, maybe, if you want loading times to take an hour. Nope for regular joes, like me, that $100 (canadian) between the two should go towards upgrading the graphics card to a 7900gt or springing for some real quality ram.
  5. he doesnt need a 1MB L2 cache on each core its gonna be for light gaming and encoding, yes the 165 is better but the 3800+ X2 will do a better job thant the 3700+ for his needs
  6. Yes without a doubt you would be better off with the 3800+ X2. Multicores are the future of computers. More and more apps, games, and OSs will take advantage of the technology. You will get more performance in somethings today with the 3700+ but you will get better performance for a longer period in the near future with the 3800+ X2.
  7. Thanks for all the great responses. Here is the system to be built. I either have the components (laying around, gift, etc.) or they are shipped and on their way.

    Existing Antec TX640B w/SP400 watt SmartPowerII PSU
    MB MSI K8N NEO4 Platinum NF4U 939 - Retail
    EVGA GF 7600GT 256-P2-N553-AX - Retail
    CPU AMD|ATHLON 64 X2 3800+ 939P R - Retail
    2GB MEM 1Gx2|D400 OCZ4002048ELDCPE-K R - Retail
    1 HD 250G|WD 7K 16M SATA WD2500YD % - OEM (but w/ 5yr warranty)
    Existing PATA drive (I think a 250MB 7200 of some sort)
    2x existing NEC 3550A DVD RW Drives

    Antec case has a 120mm Tricool fan with 3-speed switch for rear and 1 80mm case fan. There are two side openings, so the 92mm I think will go to CPU cooling and 80mm to front and second to side.

    Thank you for the tip on CPU. Much appreciated in my $1K computer build.
  8. Agreed, the Opteron 165 is a well powerful piece of Silicon, that has Extreme performance and Oc'ing capabilities. But I dont think You will need that powerful of a chip, but then again, I take power over money ne day :twisted:
  9. Opteron 165 or better. :lol:
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