Does Matrox make the best graphics card in terms...

resolution, contrast, crispness of text and graphics and color. Right now I have an ASUS V9520 128MB card, but I dont play any games. I still have an old Matrox Millenium 4mb card, but wonder if the newer Matrox cards such as the P650 or P750 or maybe the G550 give the best graphics display. The ASUS card is very good. I have no complaints, but I want the best if it gives th contrast, color, resolution, etc. I have a 22in Mitsubishi Diamond Pro 2060u Crt which I believe still delivers better images across the board over any other CRT or LCD. Anyway I would like to hear opinions on this. :D

Thanks again
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  1. Yes due to their filtering I'd stay Matrox's P series still delivers the best VGA/DB-15 output on the market.
  2. Matrox are still in business because of their superiority when it comes to image quality. Go with TheGreatGrapeApe's advice!

    I agree with you about image quality on very good CRT monitors. I use a 17" Sony CRT CDP-E200, and people still comment on the clarity of the image and the richness and balance of the colours!
  3. Quote:
    jesus is that still relevant after 4 years.

    No one else cares about 2D so, surprisingly enough ATi & nVidia haven't made any efforts in that area, S3's made more of an effort on 2D than those two.

    damn you would think ATI or nvidia would have caught up by now.

    You'd think so, but it's a small market, which is exactly why Matrox survives, it may be a the leisure of the Big boyz. But when you're trying to compete for gamers and cut corners 2D quality suffers.

    what about DVI would it matter which one you got then.

    DVI comes straight from the chip/memory to the TMDS, and then it's usually pretty clean for lower levels, but even still there's been issues;

    Some of the cards have moved to dual-link removing some of the concern.

    I'd love to see an updated review to see the new quality of the integrated TMDS as the SI ones are always good.
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