Random shutdowns..ready to nuke my system!

First off thanks for any help in advance. I have been trying to solve this for at least 6 weeks as it takes time to RMA stuff back. Also this is kinda choppy as I have posted this problem across a couple of forums with no luck.

(some of this data had been updated see below)
My system:
Motherboard: ASUS A8n-SLI Deluxe, BIOS Ver 1011 (original bios never flashed)
Processor: AMD FX-57
Memory: 2 sticks of Crucial Ballistix RAM = 2 gigs
Video Card: BFG 7800GTX O/C
Sound Card: Audigy 2 (ZS?)
Drives: 2 WD 74 gig Raptor Drives, not configured in a raid
OS: XP pro X64 bit
Power Supply: BFG 550 Watt

This system has worked well for at least 6 months. Never a problem, posts high on benchmarks and great game performance. Never really even a hiccup since I built it and fired it up.

The problem started 2 weeks ago, after a cold start (after being off all night) the system will crash after 10-20 minutes of use. No BSOD, just instant black screen and the cooling fans (tied to Motherboard) cutting to half speed. Kinda like what happens when I press the reset key. Upon restart the probelm starts happening with less time between crashes. At times a window will pop saying windows has recovered from a serious error, other times not. Event viewer does not say much. Although one time I got a error msg saying something about a memory problem, I downloaded the MS memeory test tool and tested my memory, no error found. After 2 days messing around, I took the machine to a shop, they guy there said his hardware scan found a bad memory chip on my video card. Okay, sent card back to BFG, and installed what they sent back. System worked normally for roughly 4 hours, shutdown for the night, next day back to the same problem. I got another drive to try to install Win XP professional 32 bit, but the system will not stay up long enough to really finish the install. I got into the bios screen and left it running, it stayed up overnight. Which kinda rules out a bad powersupply and video card in my book. The motherboard and processor temp stays at 32-34C. Don't really know what to do at this point..

Since this was written I have also sent the PSU back to BFG, they upgraded it to a 600Watt version, and I have recently sent the Mobo back to ASUS, and they have returned to me a new one.

I now am running the new Mobo with latest BIOS on a New drive, running XP pro 32bit SP2.

The cpu never moves above 90F and the mobo stays about the same temp. (Observed using PC probe)I have also removed the power and and reset connections to the mobo during startup to see if shorts might be present on those wires...no change.

I guess the only thing left are the memory sticks, I checked the crucial site and I cant seem to find my memory there anymore. It is Crucial Ballistic PC4000 1 gig sticks.

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  1. Hi Thadster,

    Now when this kind of thing happens, the best thing to do may be to restore to a previous working image of your system.
  2. I had the same problem with my rig lately, to fix it i just slacked the timings of my ram by .5 and now it never crash...sad since i paid over 250$ for a gig of Corsair XMS twinX-XL 2-2-2-5 but at least i dont crash anymore
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