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Not seeing any performance boost with my WD Raptor 150GB!?

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April 9, 2006 12:07:58 PM

Hi, i dont think this is really a serious problem, maybe i just had too high hopes for the Raptor but ill go into it anyway. Just to be clear this HD was added in along with a newly homebuilt system and ive been using it for at least a month (although havnt used my sys. for bout 2weeks now). Right so when i got my system together and started up windows for the first time i really didnt get the speedy boot up/ loading times i had expected and they continue to remain that way. Even in games i havnt been noticing that fast level loading times which really does kinda seem like i just wasted my money! I mean ok to be fair its not slow, but not fast either... Then i decided to try out one other thing to determine its 'correct functionality' (at this stage) , run an anti-virus. I had heard lots of good things about the speed of the raptor during anti-virus runs so i was really lookin forward to seein it done at lightinin' speed. This was equally dissapointing as there was no major difference to the time it took with my old comp. When i ran Western Digital's free hdrive diagnostics it passed the test flawlessly so i was confused. So no.1 is this test usually accurate? and 2. do you guys with Raptors out der think i should be having a mind-blowing experience with it or is there really no noticable differance compared to the average HD? I just like to know i didnt spend a load of money on a dud! :) 
April 9, 2006 12:41:43 PM

After installing all your stuff onto a HDD, to really get the performance back, normally you would do a disk defragment. Here would be a good program to use for disk defragmenting, much better than microsoft's one, so download it, give it a try and see if you get that performance boost you want.
April 9, 2006 1:01:27 PM

Hey thanks for the link, ive been using the microsoft one and your right its no help at all so when i get my graphics card replacement and have my system up and running again ill try it out. Been using a 10yr old Mac for the past 2 weeks! :) 
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April 9, 2006 1:59:30 PM

Why do you need to replace your graphics card to do a disk defrag?
April 9, 2006 2:29:29 PM

No i dont, thats just the reason that my PC has been out of use for 2 weeks. Cause i RMA'd my Graphics card and am still waiting for a new one. So i hav no card at the moment, and being a gamer i just dont see the point using it until i have my nice powerful 7800GTX back in it!
April 9, 2006 2:54:11 PM

Hence why I don't spend $300 on a single hard drive thats only 150GB. You could've gotten 750GB for that much and had the same performance.
April 9, 2006 3:47:44 PM

Yeah but i dont really need more than 150GB for what i do (mostly gaming, music) Its really speed that i need (10k rpm) I also find it easier to just have 1 HD. Also going back to my question on the accuraccy of the WDigital diagnostics test. Is it pretty accurate at determining the functionality your HD? Cause all i really want to know is if its working okay (passed the test). thanks.