MSI KT6 Delta FISR Memory Problems

Hello All
I Have had a MSI KT6 Delta FISR for a while now and had no problems
(Note: i have latest BIOS version)

I recently purchaced a 2nd stick of 512mb memory.
However when inserting the memory the motherboard only recognises 512mb at a time.
It recognises each individually as 512mb and runs fine. But put the 2nd stick in and nothing seems to change. It also doesnt seem to matter which slots theyre in.

Interestingly CPUZ says there is a gb in there.

Anyone know what it could be?
They are both pc2700 although one is corsair and i belive the other is kingston.

The rest of the pc (if it helps)
2800+ sempron
9800 Pro ICEQ
2x 200gb SATA
1x 60GB IDE

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  1. take them individually and use memory testing tools
    sems strange problem and maybe tey will be an incompativility betwen them

    ¿interchange dimm positions?
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