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Hi i have an HP about 3 years old i think with this motherboard and would like to change the motherboard and processor maybe a dual core, i am not going to overclock it can you tell me wot will fit in my computer and if i need anything else

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  1. I'd definitely not recommended using a manufacturer's motherboard if you want to build your own computer.

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  2. From what I recall, the T530 series only has a 250W power supply, so a higher-power replacement may be in order - and woud also recommend not using a manufacturer replacement!
  3. I have worked HP's for a few years now and i would agree you are defintely going need to upgrade the powersupply if you are looking at dual core. They tend to use really low power PSU's. The biggest problem with HP/Compaq is they use alot of proprietary parts so an off the shelf PSU may or may not work on your system. If you are going to spend some money on a motherboard and CPU then you might want to get a cheap case too.
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